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Triple-Transformation driving Banpu to Digital Era

Banpu’s Digital Transformation is guided by the core principle of Triple-Transformation in 3 aspects:

1. Business: Creating new impacts driven by Digital Solutions
• Business-led framework for productivity or business growth with clear impact targets
• Top-down diagnostic guidelines the true opportunities for business impact
• User-backed solutions from the frontlines linked to key business processes and use cases

2. Technology: Establishing innovative technology and architecture
• Agile development of microservice integrating into existing enterprise systems for delivering value faster
• Access to technology ecosystem (e.g. startups, established vendors, and research institutes) for smarter implementation of use cases

3. People: Incubating Agile DNA
• Test & learn, fail fast & tweak – hackathon method
• New digital roles & skills at the Digital Capability Center (DCC)
• Upgrade talent, capability, and mindset of Banpu people in digital technology and innovation

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