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Business Ethics

Business ethics is a material issue interested by all stakeholders. Operating the business without adhering to ethical practices may result in damage to the reputation of the Company and stakeholders’ confidence. Upholding business ethics is therefore an essential part of running the business successfully.

Management Approach
The Company published a Corporate Governance Policy and Code of Conduct that align with international standards such as the ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), and the CG principles of Thai listed companies according to the Securities and Exchange Act, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Stock Exchange of Thailand. The CG Policy and Code of Conduct have regularly been reviewed. The latest revision was announced in 2018. The Company also raises the business ethics awareness through various activities as follows:

The Company developed CG Practice Booklet to install a good understanding about the CG Policy and Code of Conduct to employees. This booklet also includes related policies and information as follows:

· Whistleblower policy
· Anti-corruption policy
· No-gift policy
· Conflict of interests
· Keeping confidential information
· Use of computer and information technology
· Trading partners and/or creditors policy and practices

Download Corporate Governance Policy and Code of Conduct (PDF)

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