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Corporate Culture

Workforce diversity is one of the Company’s key challenges since there are several different languages, religions, cultures and races in the organization. A strong corporate culture is the key to managing such diversities, strengthening employee engagement level and increasing productivity.

Management Approach
The management strategy involves the implementation of “Banpu Heart”, the corporate culture which comprises 3 core values: Passionate, Innovative and Committed. In order to turn the theoretical “Banpu Heart” corporate culture into practice, 10 key behaviors and a systematic implementation scheme have been developed, covering all stages across employee life cycle. Banpu Heart Change Leaders (BCL) drive corporate culture through a wide range of activities. The Company monitors the level of alignment between employee behavior and the corporate culture by conducting an annual survey by the third party. Furthermore, all activities and surveys are provided in the various local languages to ensure that all staff can truly comprehend the culture “Banpu Heart”.

Recruitment On-boarding Development Performance evaluation
Access personalities and behaviors by using “personality inventory test” and “culture fit assessment” Corporate culture “Banpu Heart” workshop for new recruits Strengthen through various activities and communication channels Embed “Banpu Heart” as part of behavior-based KPI
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