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To ensure efficient management within the Company, 5 management-level committees – namely, the Succession Planning Committee, the Investment Committee, the Risk Management Committee, the Commodity Risk Management Committee, and the Sustainable Development Committee – have been established. These 5 management-level committees are obliged to report to the Audit Committee and the Board of Directors, accordingly.

The Sustainable Development Committee is composed of:

– Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
– Head of Mining Business
– Head of Oil & Gas Business
– Head of Power Business
– Head of Corporate Services
– Head of Corporate Communications
– Head of Corporate Development
– Head of Human Resources
– Country Heads
– Head of Investor Relations
– Head of Corporate Secretary
– Head of Renewable and Energy Technology Business
– Vice President – Enterprise Risk Management
– Senior Vice President – Health, Safety, Environment and Community Engagement (secretary)

Roles and Responsibilities of the Sustainable Development Committee

– To determine the Company’s sustainable development policy as well as other policies and management frameworks that are acceptable to the community and society in order to strengthen the competitiveness of the Company
– To track the performance of business units within Banpu group in the areas of occupational health, environment, safety, economy and society which can influence the decision making that may affect various stakeholders, thus, their trust in the Company
– To track the performance of other operations within Banpu group and ensure compliances with sustainable development policy

Management Approach

For Banpu, sustainability means long-term existence, and is the combined result of our business performance, our people and our corporate culture. It is our ambition not just to exist in the long run but to bring sustainable growth and development to society, to the environment and to our stakeholders. We aim to become the dynamic regional energy provider. Proactivity, flexibility, excellence in quality as well as internationally accepted frameworks, are fundamental to our sustainable growth.

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