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Efficiency and Reliability of Power Plants

Customers expect the reliability of both electricity and heat supply as it impacts the industrial process and well-being of people in the area. Moreover, maintaining the highest efficiency of power plants is the Company’s top priority as it directly impacts the production cost.

Management Approach
The electricity generated from the combined heat and power (CHP) plant is sold to the national grid; however, the steam and hot water are sold directly to the industrial and residential customers, with high demand in winter. To ensure the reliability during peak season, all maintenances are planned to complete within summer. There are 2 types of maintenance. The major maintenances are scheduled every two years, taking 30-45 days, while the minor maintenances are scheduled annually, taking 10-20 days each time. The planned maintenances are performed to prevent the unplanned outage, maintain reliability and enhance efficiency of the plants. Moreover, the Company improves power plants’ efficiency by adopting digital technology to increase efficiency of resource utilization and minimize energy loss.


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