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Community Engagement


To create sustainable values and build stakeholder’s trust as mentioned in the mission statement, the Company places a high priority on stakeholder engagement; in particular, with the local communities, who are one of the Company’s stakeholders.

Management Approach
A stakeholder analysis framework has been devised and integrated into the corporate strategic formulation process. Moreover, stakeholder engagement and community complaint management standards have been introduced as a basis for all business units to ensure that all complaints are handled properly.

Process Practice
Understanding the basic characteristics · Collect stakeholder baseline data
· Conduct social mapping
· Conduct stakeholder analysis
Building engagement · Hold an annual meeting of the Community Consultative Committee (CCC)
· Support community relations activities
· Provide various communication and complaint channels including letter, email, and telephone
Handling complaints · Follow the corporate community complaint management standard

The environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA) has been conducted since project development and when there is any significant change. The assessment reports are then communicated to the local community. Moreover, stakeholder analysis and social mapping are conducted during the pre-operation and operational stages. The community consultative committee (CCC), involving government, community, and company representatives has been established.

In practice, the community engagement approach in each country varies according to local business characteristics and community contexts. In Indonesia, the Company has appointed Community Development Officer (CDO) who can cooperate with local communities to understand their requirements, communicate the Company’s activities, and be a local point for any complaints raised. On the other hand, in Australia, the Company has established a sub-committee at the mine cluster level whose role is to ensure that local communities understand the Company’s operational plans and performance.

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