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Employee Management

Human capital is at the heart of enhancing the Company’s competitive edge. Also, work efficiency and work achievement are reflected by the level of employee engagement. As such, employee management is an integral part of the Company’s business operations.

Management Approach
The Company has announced an employee relations policy as a framework for creating excellent relationship between the Company and employees. The policy is managed under the “Say, Stay, Strive” principle that reflects the employee’s engagement through 5 engagement drivers, including Engaging leadership, Talent focus, The work, The basics and Agility.

Employee Drivers Engagement Outcomes
· Engaging leadership
· Talent focus
· The work
· The basics
· Agility
· Say: Employees say positive things about the Company both to internal and external stakeholders
· Stay: Employees work happily and want to continue to stay with the organization
· Strive: Employees form a deep bond with the Company and strive to improve its performance

The Company entrusts the third party to conduct an annual employee engagement survey since 2012. The survey is translated into local languages to ensure that employees in every country have a thorough understanding and are able to express their opinions honestly. Survey results are communicated to all employees and are reported to the Board of Directors on an annual basis.

In practice, each business unit develops its own engagement plan based on the Company’s annual strategy and the survey results of the previous year. Progress is updated monthly in the performance review meeting. Furthermore, to strengthen the level of employee engagement, the Company has developed a leadership development program specifically for middle management under the theme “Banpu Engaging Leaders” to support their role of engaging with employees.

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