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Human Capital Development

Human capital is one of the most important resources of the Company. To lead the business in a complex environment, maintaining a competitive advantage through human capital development is the key success factor.

Management Approach
The human capital development plan has been formulated based on the competency gaps and long-term business strategy. Training roadmaps specific for each job level and job function have been identified and reviewed annually. The individual development plan for each employee is also developed by considering the required competencies of such position and personal competency profile, covering both functional/technical and leadership skills.

Competency Development
1. Competency Assessment
2. Competency Gap Identification
3. Individual Development Plan

For management level, the specific curriculum of leadership development programs has been developed. There are 4 levels of program according to the management group: Strategic leader, Business leader, First line leader and Future leader. Currently, the methodology to evaluate the return on employee development investment is being standardized based on international practices such as the Kirkpatrick model. Moreover, the succession planning committee has been appointed to oversee the succession planning and high potential management. The successor’s in-depth information regarding competency and personality is reviewed to address the gap and manage challenges to future-proof tomorrow’s complex business environment.

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