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Supplier Management


Supply chain management plays an important role in moving the Company forward as efficient management does not only reduce the risks of business interruption but also enhances the operational efficiency. Promoting ESG principles across the supply chain is thus one of the Company’s missions.

Management Approach

The Sustainable Supply Chain Policy was announced as a commitment to creating long-term value for all stakeholders. Moreover, 5-year strategic plan (2018-2022) was also developed as roadmap. The Supplier Code of Conduct has been published as a guideline for all existing and potential suppliers to ensure that they operate the business in adherence to environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles.

At present, the Supplier ESG Due Diligence is under standardization. When this process is fully implemented, critical suppliers will be identified and carried out a preliminary ESG risk assessment. In the case where a critical supplier is identified as high ESG risk, the supplier shall prepare preventive or corrective measures with a comprehensive audit plan. The Company then conducts an audit as specified in the plan once a year.

Furthermore, the spending analysis has been performed in each country to identify areas for cost reduction as well as process improvement opportunities. The Company also supports local procurement by seeking to engage goods and services with local suppliers in the areas of business operations. However, the data collection system for local procurement is under standardization for all business units.

Download Supplier Code of Conduct (PDF)
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Download Sustainable Supply Chain Policy (PDF)

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