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Banpu ignites creative power in the young generation.
Banpu Internship Program offers university students the opportunity to share new ideas and show their ability across a spectrum. The program allows them to prepare for future career paths by gaining hands-on experience working together with Banpu’s employees who have expertise in a variety of fields.

At Banpu, all interns are encouraged to explore and materialize their ideas with Banpu’s employees as mentors alongside. This allows the participants to gain the knowledge and practical skills needed for their career in the future.

At the same time, Banpu sees the importance of improving a range of essential skills among its interns, including technical skills and life skills to build on their career. Therefore, additional training courses with guest speakers are organized on a regular basis to provide wide-ranging, varied expertise on the following topics.

• Storytelling Technique:

Banpu holds several training sessions on how to lead presentations that appeal to the listeners. By giving students the opportunity to practice presentation and public speaking skills, the program is set to help them build self-confidence needed when dealing with real-life working experiences.

• English for Communications:

Led by native English-speaking instructors, English for Communications classes at Banpu are full of knowledge and loads of enthusiasm and will make daily English conversations easy.

• Career Sharing:

Experience-sharing sessions with Banpu staff on various subject matters relating to the professional world, including tips for successful job interviews, how to write a cover letter that appeals to employers, etc.

• Money Tips for First Jobbers:

The class that provides guidance on financial planning and smart spending tips tailored for people in the younger generation.

• Real Experience:

The opportunity for students to take a field trip to Banpu sites both in Thailand and abroad.

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Application for the internship program

• Applicants are third-year undergraduate students.
• Applicants are required to maintain a minimum GPA of 2.50.
• Applicants shall participate in the internship program in Thailand office only.

Selection Criteria

• Only the applicants that meet all the requirements are qualified.
• Applicants are evaluated from the introduction videos and individual interviews.

Program Period

The internship program is available in two periods.
1. January - April

2. June - July
Submission period and program period are subject to change as appropriate.
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