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Digital Transformation

Banpu has been going through its transformation to create sustainable growth as an International Versatile Energy Provider offering the best-in-class energy solutions with our extensive expertise in integrated energy in 10 countries across Asia-Pacific. One of the keys to success of Banpu Transformation is driving the organization through the Digital Transformation process, which we have continuously been implementing for the last 3 years, to create modern digital technology for business and deliver future energy for sustainability with full efficiency to our stakeholders with our standpoint on “Smarter Energy for Sustainability”.

The Company has established Digital Center of Excellence (DCOE) in 2018 to drive Banpu through digital transformation. It leverages smart innovation, technologies and digital concept and applies new way of working; “agile working”, across the organization to promote work efficiency in every department, and to develop products and services to better meet needs of all customer segments; businesses (B2B), consumers (B2C) and the Government (B2G).

Currently, digital transformation has been rolled out in four countries: Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, and China. DCOE in Thailand is a centralized team for developing strategy and working plan including creating and sharing smart ways of working among DCOEs in those countries to establish implementation standards and drive Banpu transformation with maximum efficiency.

How do we drive the Digital Transformation?


Digital Products Showcase

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