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Sustainability Governance

The Company believes that good governance is a foundation for the business. Consequently, integration of ESG strategy into day-to-day business operations is the key success factor for the Company’s sustainable growth.

Management Approach
To ensure good governance, the Company adheres to operate the business with fully comply with laws and regulations where we have operations. Apart from ensuring compliance with laws, regulations and shareholders’ resolutions, the Board of Directors also ensures that ESG risks are properly managed. Sustainability performances are discussed at BoD meetings on a quarterly basis. In addition, the BoD site visit is annually performed to the business units, especially for the new directors.

Role & Responsibility Performance Indicator
Board of Directors (BoD) • Ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations
• Ensure that significant ESG risks are properly identified and managed
• Set up the KPIs of CEO and evaluate CEO’s performance
• Percentage of meeting attendance
• BoD’s performance assessment score
• Coverage of significant ESG risks quarterly reviewed through the Audit Committee
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) • Ensure the deployment of sustainability policy and ESG strategy into day-to-day business operations
• Set up the KPIs of senior executives and evaluate performance
• Coverage of significant ESG aspects set as corporate ESG targets
• Coverage of corporate ESG targets deployed to senior executives
• Achievement of corporate ESG targets
Senior executives and heads of business unit • Review related policies and strategies
• Review results of stakeholder analysis and materiality assessment
• Review global trends in sustainability
• Review ESG targets and performances
• Ensure the achievement of ESG targets
• Achievement of ESG targets at each business unit

To drive sustainability strategy, the Company has established the Sustainability Committee. The committee, chaired by the CEO, consists of senior executives and heads of business units from every country in which the Company operates. Committee meetings are held twice annually.

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