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Business Continuity Management


The environment in which business is conducted could experience a disruption resulted from either natural or man-made threats. To minimize potential losses and maximize business resilience, the Company considers business continuity management as one of the key strategies.

Management Approach
The Company’s business continuity management system was developed based on the international standards such as ISO 22301:2012 and encompasses various processes including critical business function identification, business impact analysis, risk assessment, business continuity plan (BCP) development and BCP exercise. The crisis and emergency management teams have been established with classification into 4 levels: corporate level, country level, site level, and front-line level. Moreover, support teams such as Crisis Communication Team (CCT), Disaster Recovery Team (DRT), and Relative Response Team (RRT) have also been appointed.

The BCP exercises at each level are carried out regularly. For example, the head office in Thailand conducts the BCP exercise at the corporate and country levels on an alternate year basis. At country level, the Company performs an exercise at key business operations regularly with target to conduct an exercise at all business operations annually within 2025. In addition, the critical business function shall develop its BCP and exercise annually. The Company plans to broaden the exercise to cover more than 50% of critical business functions by 2025. The system performance is then reviewed annually by the Company through internal audits and management reviews.

Download Business Continuity Policy (PDF)

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