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Customer & Product Stewardship

Commitment to understanding customer’s needs and maximizing customer satisfaction through product and service is the Company’s priority. Also, conducting business in alignment with social and environmental responsibility is the Company’s ultimate goal in operating business.

Management Approach
The Code of Conduct clearly states that the Company will deliver products and services that meet customers’ expectations. To guarantee the customers’ trust, several management approaches have been developed and standardized across business units. Moreover, material safety data sheet (MSDS) is available to the customers upon request. Safety and environmental issues from the use of products are also identified and managed with specific measures. Technical support for efficient product-use with zero safety and environmental risk is also provided.

· Complaint management
The Company provides various complaint channels such as telephone, email, and websites. The complaint management system was also established with the standard operating procedure, for example, response time to the customer within the next business day.

· Customer satisfaction management
The customer satisfaction survey is regularly conducted. The individual interview is also performed to gain insights into the specific issues and customer’s expectations.

In practice, the management approach may vary according to each business context in the following examples:

Business Example of customer relations approach
Mining · Regular customer site visits
· Knowledge sharing sessions
· Quarterly performance reports
· Open house for customers
Thermal power · Regular customer site visits
· Technical supports
Renewable power · Knowledge sharing sessions
· Performance reports
Solar rooftop solution · Technical supports
· Returns on investment (ROI) evaluation
· 24-hour customer services

Download Corporate Governance Policy & Code of Conduct (PDF)

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