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Banpu and SDGs

Our contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is integrated into the Company’s strategies across its business value chain. Based on prioritization, 7 SDGs most relevant to the business have been highlighted with objective to both increase positive impact and reduce negative impact from business operations. The long-term targets specific for each of 7 Goals are developed and monitored.

M1 Water baseline data is available at all business units
M2 Zero significant tailings spills
M3 Zero hazardous waste to landfill
G1 • Hazardous waste disposal less than 200 tonnes for thermal power business
• Intensity of non-hazardous waste disposal less than 0.162 kg/MWh for thermal power business
G2 Intensity of hazardous waste disposal less than 0.413 kg/tonne and non-hazardous waste disposal less than 0.140 kg/tonne for mining business 2023
A1 0.66 GW of renewable energy
A2 0.25 GW of solar rooftop
A3 700 MMcfed of shale gas production
G1 More than 50% of portfolio are clean energy 2025
G2 More than 1.1 GW of renewable energy production capacity 2025
M1 Zero occupational fatalities
M2 More than 50% of spending on local suppliers
G1 More than 70% of business unit assessed for human rights risks 2021
G2 Lost time injury rate of employees less than 10.93 and contractors less than 0.53 2025
G3 • High-consequence injuries rate (employee) less than 0.09
• Zero high-consequence injuries rate (contractor)
M1 • SO2 emissions intensity less than 30 g/tonne for mining business
• SO2, NOx, TSP emissions intensity less than 76.6, 118.4, and 23.0 g/MWh for thermal power business
G1 5% energy intensity reduction from 2019 for mining business 2025
M1 Integrate internal carbon pricing in investment decision
G1 • 7% GHG emissions intensity reduction from Business as Usual (BAU) for mining business
• 20% GHG emissions intensity reduction from BAU for thermal and renewable power business
M1 All business units assessed for potential impact on biodiversity
M2 More than 90% of revegetation against plan for mining business
G1 Net positive impact on biodiversity upon closure of the mine 2025
                M1 All community development projects are linked to the SDGs –     
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