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The subsidiary of Banpu in Indonesia, PT Indo Tambangraya Megah Tbk (ITM), is committed to conducting its business in the most socially and environmentally responsible manner. ITM has implemented sustainable community development programs for the communities surrounding ITM’s mine sites. These programs are the Company’s commitment to maximizing local potentials in terms of economic, educational, socio-cultural, health, environmental and infrastructural development. At the same time, the Company has taken steps in disaster relief efforts by providing emergency response and aid to help alleviate people’s suffering and rebuild the economy.

Social, Cultural and Community Relations Promotion

ITM seeks to preserve cultural heritages and deepen a sense of kinship within the communities. The socio-cultural programs led by the Company are purposefully designed to celebrate and promote local wisdoms, traditions, religions, sports and arts. In 2018-2019, ITM held socio-cultural preservation activities, including:

Cultural Conservation Program

ITM has cooperated with the government and community to support religious, social, and cultural activities in order to strengthen its community relations and be in solidarity with the local cultures of East Kutai, Kutai Kertanegera, and Bontang. The Company also offered support to other cultural activities in 10 villages around the Indominco mine.

Mosque renovation

ITM has been supportive of cultural and religious expression among the local residents, especially those living in Ring 1. The mosque renovation project was carried out to help the community in reconstructing the worship house to ensure that the building was fit for religious purposes.

Celebration of religious events

ITM respects and nurtures cultural identity of people in the local communities by constantly supporting cultural and religious events within the areas, such as Isra Mi’raj, Birth of Prophet Muhammad, Idul Adha and Ramadhan.

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