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To ensure efficient management within the Company, 5 management-level committees – namely, the Succession Planning Committee, the Investment Committee, the Risk Management Committee, the Commodity Risk Management Committee, and the Sustainable Development Committee – have been established. These 5 management-level committees are obliged to report to the Audit Committee and the Board of Directors, accordingly.

The Commodity Risk Management Committee is composed of:

– Chief Executive Officer
– Deputy Chief Executive Officer
– Chief Operating Officer
– Chief Financial Officer
– Head of Strategy & Business Development
– Head of Marketing, Sales & Logistics
– Financial Advisor

Roles and Responsibilities of the Commodity Risk Management Committee

– To oversee and carry out the Company’s day-to-day commodity risk management (at present, only Coal and Fuel Oil)
– To establish and maintain an effective management control system for the commodity hedging, and supervise the risk monitoring and control to ensure conformity with all regulatory requirements
– To inform the Board of the progress of its principal works through CEO/President, Director or a designated person

Banpu's Commodity Risk Management Policy

– To avoid and mitigate risks due to changes in market-price conditions
– To stabilize the Company’s net revenue

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