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To ensure efficient management within the Company, 5 management-level committees – namely, the Succession Planning Committee, the Investment Committee, the Risk Management Committee, the Commodity Risk Management Committee, and the Sustainable Development Committee – have been established. These 5 management-level committees are obliged to report to the Audit Committee and the Board of Directors, accordingly.

The Risk Management Committee is composed of:

– Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
– Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
– Head of Mining Business
– Head of Power Business
– Head of Oil & Gas Business
– Head of Renewable and Energy Technology Business
– Head of Corporate Development
– Head of Corporate Services
– Head of Human Resources
– Head of Global Internal Audit and Compliance

Roles and Responsibilities of the Risk Management Committee

– To define the risk management policy framework and process
– To promote the implementation and monitoring of risk management strategies and policies

Banpu's Risk Management Policy

According to Banpu’s risk management policy, apart from professional risk assessment provision for capturing business opportunities to the company, any hazards or unforeseen event that threaten the Company’s achievement of business objectives or business plans shall be managed in a systematic manner and in accordance with the risk management best practices, in order to protect the Company from losses.

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