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The Asian energy company at the heart of innovation, technology, and sustainability.

Banpu Public Company Limited is a leading integrated energy solutions company in the Asia-Pacific, operating 3 core groups of businesses – Energy Resources (coal and gas including related operations such as marketing, trading, logistics, fuel procurement and transmission), Energy Generation (thermal and renewable power plants), and Energy Technology (total solar energy solutions, energy storage system and energy technology system) – in 9 countries: Thailand, Indonesia, China, Australia, Laos, Mongolia, Japan, the United States of America and Vietnam. The Company is moving forward to create continuous growth and strengthen the Banpu group’s business ecosystem with the Greener & Smarter strategy, which prioritizes eco-friendly business and smart integration of technologies and innovations whilst embracing the energy trends. This has elevated the operational efficiency and led to continuous growth and energy sustainability for the benefits of consumers, communities, society, and the environment.

Banpu intends to continue growing regional portfolio to increase installed equity capacity to reach 6,100 MW by 2025 including renewable business & Energy Technology business 1,600 MW. Banpu continues to develop the committed projects to achieve COD as plans.

The total volume of coal sales amounts to 35.2 Mt, with a breakdown of
• 19.6 Mt from mines in Indonesia on a 100% basis

• 8.5 Mt from Australia on an equity basis

• 7.0 Mt from China, including both equity-based sales and coal trading.

Hongsa Power Company Limited received a 25-year concession (2016-2041) from the Government of Laos to build a mine-mouth power plant consisting of three units, each having a production capacity of 626 megawatts of electricity. The COD (Commercial Operation Date) of the Unit 1-3 had successfully made on June 2, 2015, The COD of the Unit 2 on 2 November 2015 and the COD of the Unit 3 on 2 March 2016 and with the full capacity of 1,878 megawatt, Hongsa Power will secure energy supply of Thailand and Laos along 25 years.

Banpu has always adhered to sustainable development. The Company places top priority on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles according to the company’s new brand promise “Our Way in Energy”, which means Banpu’s way to build sustainable values for all stakeholders.

The Company shall pay the dividend approximately at 50% of its consolidated net profit after deduction of all reserves required by governing laws and the Company itself. However, the dividend payout rate shall also depend on the Company and its affiliates’ cash flows and investment plans as well as other justifications and considerations as deemed appropriate. The Company’s affiliates shall pay the dividend from net profit after the deduction of all reserves required by governing laws. The Board of Directors shall decide the dividend payout rate based on operating income, financial conditions, and capital requirements and propose to shareholders for approval.

On February 22, 2023, the board of directors meeting approved the annual dividend payment at the rate of 1.20 Baht per share for the period during 1 January – 31 December 2022. The interim dividend payment for the first half of 2022 performance at the rate of 0.45 Baht per share on September 30, 2022. The dividend payment for the second half of 2022 performance at the rate of 0.75 Baht per share on April 28, 2023.

Banpu’s shareholders ARE NOT entitled to dividend tax credits because the dividends or sharing of profits are already exempted from corporate income tax calculation.

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