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Banpu Reveals Strategies for Future Growth to Deliver Energy That Sustainably Creates the Better Living for All

Banpu Reveals Strategies for Future Growth to Deliver Energy That Sustainably Creates the Better Living for All

Banpu Public Company Limited organized a seminar on the topic of “Strengthening for Driving Banpu to Sustainably Deliver the Better Living for All. The session shared Banpu’s vision and operational guidelines of the Company’s key enabler units that have helped drive the business towards the goal of sustainable growth throughout business journey over the years. They also contribute to the success of business transformation by responding to energy trends while focusing on social and environmental development to power the better living for all.

Mr. Jirameth Achcha, Head of Corporate Services, said, “During the next decade, Banpu will continue to build sustainable growth according to ESG principles by setting goals and taking actions to cover aspects that are directly related to our businesses while also taking care of the environment and social development in order to deliver ‘Smarter Energy for Sustainability’ and create sustainable value for our society and the world. Our work has continuously driven the growth of Banpu through Banpu transformation that is in line with the Greener & Smarter strategy. It includes sustainable development, human resources management and development, digital technology and innovation, corporate social responsibility programs, and branding and corporate communications.”

Sustainable development

Over the years, Banpu sets its business goals in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations with focus on environmental issues, especially climate change and greenhouse gases that include: (No.7) affordable and clean energy by increasing the power generation capacity from renewable energy to more than 1.1 gigawatts by 2025, (No.13) climate action by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from business operations by 2025, and (No.15) life on land by creating a net positive impact after mining ends by 2025. In addition, this year marks the first year that Banpu has completed a report to disclose climate-related financial information in accordance with the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). This is to demonstrate our commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, both directly and indirectly, while also driving forward the mission of achieving sustainability goals.

Human resources management and development

In the past year, the average employee engagement level across all countries where Banpu is operating is 79%, and it grows every year. This reflects the strength of our corporate culture, ‘Banpu Heart,’ and the Company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, which unites almost 6,000 employees through openness and mutual respect. The Company also succeeds in being a people-focused organization. At the same time, with an aim to become a learning organization, Banpu has established Banpu Academy specifically to prepare executives and employees to be able to drive the organization towards strong success regardless of any challenges that may arise in the future. In July, Banpu organized the first edition of the “International Business Leader Program (IBLP)”. It was joined by more than 30 young executives from different business units in key strategic countries, reinforcing Banpu’s commitment to being a life-long learning organization.

Digital technology and innovation

Banpu continues to move forward in its digital transformation to bring innovation, technology, and modern digital intelligence to be in use throughout the organization. This is in line with the rapidly changing business environment. In the past, Banpu has been very successful in applying digital technology to manage and drive the organization towards business transformation in many projects. One good example is the NiXT Care application, which is used to retrieve data from smart devices such as electric meters, charging stations, and climate measurement equipment that are all installed in every operational area. These data are utilized for analyzing and planning to increase efficiency in providing services and solving customers’ problems very quickly. This is an important piece of the jigsaw in the development of Banpu NEXT integrated data platform to support the efficient delivery of sustainable energy solutions.

Implementation on CSR programs

Entering a fifth decade, Banpu remains committed to creating sustainable benefits and value for society through a focus on human empowerment in order to promote equality, reduce inequality, and create opportunities for life. Banpu has continued its CSR projects that include the Banpu Champions for Change, the Power Green Camp, and the Banpu Table Tennis Club. All projects have made a positive impact on society for more than a decade. Banpu is also ready to develop more CSR programs that meet the organization’s sustainability goals as well as answering to the needs of social contexts, such as education in order to truly improve people’s quality of life.

Branding and corporate communications

Banpu has communicated its branding and corporate communications through various activities, such as supporting the production of electricity from clean energy to the sustainability seminar called “Sustrends 2024”, activating the ‘Infinite Cafe Powered by Banpu NEXT’ project which was a pop-up cafe that ran entirely on clean energy and running the campaign ‘Love Song from Clean Energy’, creating a song called ‘Brighter Sky’ with clean energy solutions incorporated in every step of music production. These examples were to push the ideas of creating a better world with clean energy and reaching a wide range of people, while raising awareness that better energy for the future from Banpu can also create new things. All these projects have allowed everyone to realize that ‘Banpu is closer to you than you think’ and we can all take part in driving this world to be a better place with cleaner energy.

“With 40 years of experience in operating business both local and international level, everything Banpu has done is a reinforcement on ‘Our Way in Energy’ commitment. And we will continue to build on our well-positioned as an international versatile energy provider with social, environmental responsibility and good corporate governance to create a better quality of life for people and bring sustainable energy to the world,” Mr. Jirameth Achcha concluded.

Joining this seminar were leading executives including Mr. Jirameth Achcha, Head of Corporate Services; Mr. Wittapon Jawjit, Head of Human Resources; Ms. Jareeya Chirdkiatisak, Head of Banpu Academy; Mr. Teerachai Pornsinsirirak, Head of Digital and Innovation; and Mr. Rattapon Sukhunthee, Head of Corporate Communications. They came to share behind-the-scenes stories of how their supports contributed to Banpu’s continued business growth.

In addition to this activity, Banpu also organized another seminar entitled “A Closer Look at Banpu Group’s Strategic Progress Towards 2025 Transition Goals” to reveal remarkable achievements and future directions of its 4 flagship businesses – Mining, Gas, Power, and Energy Technology, as well as Corporate Venture Capital unit. In line with the Greener & Smarter strategy, all business units are progressively driving Banpu Transformation to achieve a common goal in creating energy sustainability and clean energy solutions to power the better living for all.


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