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Banpu Table Tennis Club

Banpu Table Tennis Club (BTTC) was established in 2008 as a means of bringing expertise and skills in table tennis from China to Thai youngsters through the association with Banpu Investment (China) Co., Ltd. or BIC, a Banpu subsidiary in China which has been supporting Zhengding National Table Tennis Training Center for years. This partnership was formed to elevate the standard of Thai athletes to reach an international level, while strengthening the new generation of Thai table tennis players.

BTTC is committed to driving Thai table tennis players toward athletic excellence by supporting their daily training as well as sponsoring them in large tournaments, both domestic and international. The club has professional coaches to train athletes and devise strategies for competitions. In addition, there is an annual event to strengthen the relationship among team members and instill morals, ethics, disciplines, and solidarity.

You can follow the up-to-date news of the Banpu Table Tennis Club including the instructive content and entertainment of table tennis via Facebook Fan Page: Banpu Table Tennis Club

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