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Community Development


Community is considered to be a key stakeholder of the Company since social license to operate is a foundation of the business. To build sustainable value for the community is thus one of the Company’s key agendas.

Management Approach
The Company sets a community development strategy in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With collaboration between the Company, the community, and the local government, 6 dimensions of community development programs are prioritized. To ensure consistency in the actions taken at different locations, a corporate standard has been developed as a framework for all business units. Furthermore, the Company adopts the Social Return on Investment (SROI) framework as a tool to measure the social impact and evaluate the effectiveness of the community development programs.

Throughout the Company’s operations, the Social Impact Assessment (SIA) has been conducted at the beginning of project, every 5 years during operational stage, and before entering the closure stage. Stakeholder analysis and social mapping are conducted during the pre-operation phase to identify target groups and their needs in order to design appropriate community development programs. Performance of the projects including community satisfaction and SROI evaluation is monitored and reviewed annually to ensure the utmost benefits of the program. The Company also commits to maintain the level of community satisfaction at least “Satisfied” level or greater than 68%. Furthermore, the quality assurance review has been carried out by specific staff who are not involved in the projects to ensure transparency.

Download Community Development Policy (PDF)

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