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Teens at “The Power Green Camp 3” Gather to “Prevent Global Warming With Our Own Hands” During the October School Break

Teens at “The Power Green Camp 3” Gather to “Prevent Global Warming With Our Own Hands” During the October School Break

13 – 19 October 2008: “The Power Green Camp 3,” a youth environmental science camp, this year with the theme “Prevent Global Warming With Our Own Hands” has opened for teens from across Thailand. The soon-to-be environmental science youth leaders are gathering at Mahidol University’s Faculty of Environment and Resource Studies on its Salaya campus in Nakorn Pathom Province to learn about the current global warming situation, and how to develop a solution by using scientific methodology.

Assistant Professor Sittipong Dilokwanich Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Environment and Resource Studies, Mahidol University, the organizer of the camp explained that the global warming situation faced by all the countries of the world is becoming more serious and that human activities are the number one cause. Thus, if we educate our young people about global warming and how to prevent it using environmental science, it will help create long-term solutions to the global warming trend.

“This is the third year for “The Power Green Camp,” and we have selected the issue of “Global Warming” as the key topic for students to explore using the scientific approach. Apart from that, we will also prep the students with workshops in Mahidol University’s scientific labs, along with visiting environmental learning sites to help them understand the issue better. With all of these elements at “The Power Green Camp 3,” we hope each participant will be able to help address this issue in their own way and carry us all toward a solution,” said Assistant Professor Sittipong Dilokwanich.

Throughout the one-week activity, participants will have a chance to attend a special lecture and workshops on global warming by environmental experts, including a former NASA scientist, Dr. Art-aong Choomsai Na Ayudhaya. The camp activity includes several hands-on experiences at Mahidol University’s advanced environmental science lab in line with idea of “Together we make change,” which rings true with the camp’s concept of “Environmental Science: Learning Through Action.” The 62 students will participate in a Dendroclimatology [the study of climate change by analyzing tree rings] Workshop, in which they study climate changes reflected in the width of tree rings. Also, students will learn how to use an innovative technology called “Geographic Information System: GIS” to analyze past climate patterns, and forecast future changes, along with using Google Earth and other forms of satellite imagery to study sudden climate changes such as the Nargis Cyclone. Additionally, camp members will learn about particles in the air and their effects on global temperature.

Further, Power Green Camp participants will also visit the Sirindhorn International Environmental Park in Petchaburi to explore its eight stations and learn about energy conservation, mangrove ecology and forest preservation. In addition, these students in groups of 10 will showcase their ideas through an exhibition of their environmental science projects at Tesco-Lotus Salaya on October 18, 2008.

Mrs. Udomlux Olarn, Senior Vice President – Corporate Communications and Public Affairs of Banpu Public Company Limited, a company that has supported “The Power Green Camp” for three consecutive years, said, “Banpu views “The Power Green Camp” as a project that jump-starts ideas for Thai youth. It is an opportunity for teens to learn how to tackle problems using the scientific approach, and learn how to work in teams, which are critical skills for environmental scientists. The Company hopes that the students will bring home what they have learned here, and localize the programs according to the needs of their home communities because to solve the issue of global warming, everyone must lend a hand and cooperate.”

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