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Banpu Table Tennis Club organizes a volunteer spirit activity offering table tennis skill development to young athletes and capacity building to sports personnel in the northeastern region

Banpu Table Tennis Club organizes a volunteer spirit activity offering table tennis skill development to young athletes and capacity building to sports personnel in the northeastern region

Banpu Table Tennis Club (BTTC), under the support of Banpu Public Company Limited, joined hands with Chaiyaphum Table Tennis Club and the Institute of Physical Education, Chaiyaphum Campus in hosting “Banpu Table Tennis Club Camp: Inspiration for Students in Remote Areas”. Camp trainers are national coach and BTTC’s athlete volunteers who have competed in national and international tournaments to train young players aged 6-16 years attended the camp in Chaiyaphum during 8-10 September. Participants included 150 students from Chaiyaphum, Phetchabun, Roi-Et, Yasothorn, Khon Kaen and Ubon Ratchathani, together with 20 provincial trainers.

This activity provided an opportunity for young athletes in the remote provinces who lack support in terms of financial, equipment or internationally-experienced trainers so that they receive high standard training. The camp offered various table tennis skills and life skills needed for planning and achieving objectives, including how to adapt oneself to athletic rules and regulations. This activity is equally open to both rookies and players of provincial teams.

Mrs. Udomlux Olarn, Head of Corporate Affairs, Banpu Plc. and the manager of Banpu Table Tennis Club said, “Over 10 years since its establishment, BTTC has been holding a “Banpu Table Tennis Club Camp: Inspiration for Students in Remote Areas” for 6 consecutive years. I am delighted to see some participants joining this camp in the previous year also participated in this year’s camp. Such a positive response from all parties confirms the importance of sustainable human development based on our philosophy: “Learning is the power of change and development”. The camp not only develops young athletes in the remote provinces, but it also allows BTTC’s players to cultivate their volunteer spirit by sharing their knowledge and experiences for the benefits of others. This is in line with the Club’s emphasis on cultivating its members to become “smart” and “ethical” persons, Banpu’s key principle of human development activities.”

The benefits of sports promotion among the youth range from strengthening their bodies and minds to providing them opportunities to become professional athletes. To achieve professional excellence is not an easy task, it requires both technical skills and perseverance, which prevents young players from abandoning their quest. As key motivations come from trainers and parents, the BTTC realizes the importance of the activities that will pass on the inspiration to a broad base of the youth.

Targeting the youth, this camp was well received by young athletes. This activity has also become a platform for provincial trainers to exchange techniques, experience and expertise. It created a knowledge-sharing network, and helped spread competent table tennis personnel to the regions, who shall continuously cultivate young Thai saplings in a sustainable manner.

Miss Pattarasuda Vijittham, a young participant (aged 7), said, “I had joined this camp in Ubon Ratchathani. When my dad told me that it would be held in Chaiyaphum, I asked him for permission to join again. It was so much fun and full of excellent trainers. This camp made me more determined to become a better player. This time I also brought my younger sibling along.”

Mr. Jakraphong Sa-nguanram (a trainer, the Institute of Physical Education, Chaiyaphum Campus) said, “This camp made us realize that a lot of young people are keen on table tennis, and they are in need of high standard training. Here in Chaiyaphum, we do have a proper training venue and equipment. What we seek are international-standard trainers, not just any P.E. teachers. This camp not only benefits young players, but it also allows me and all the trainers to learn new coaching techniques. I want Banpu to continue holding this kind of activity.”

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About Banpu Table Tennis Club (BTTC)
Banpu Table tennis club (BTTC) was established early in 2008. It serves the dual purpose of promoting young Thai talent in table tennis, as well as creating the CSR linkage between Banpu’s headquarters in Bangkok and its Chinese subsidiary – ‘Banpu Investment (China) Ltd.’(BIC), which has been supporting table tennis in China. Through the collaboration, it is expected to tap into the expertise of China as the world leader of table tennis and transfer it to young Thai athletes.

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