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Banpu highlights “Learning” to drive its CSR activation for the next five years under “Do by Heart” concept

Banpu highlights “Learning” to drive its CSR activation for the next five years under “Do by Heart” concept

Banpu Public Company Limited (BANPU) has announced its 5-year corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy ( 2011 – 2015), emphasizing the ‘Do by Heart’ approach and using a wide range of “learning” activities to drive its CSR activation as it believes “learning” will lead to positive changes and sustainable development for communities and society.

Mr. Chanin Vongkusolkit, Banpu’s Chief Executive Officer, said that adhering to Banpu’s business credo that ‘an industry will be strong only when it is developed in tandem with social and environmental responsibility’, the Company has focused on ensuring a wise balance between business growth and community and environmental development for over the past two decades. In addition to conducting business ethically, transparently, accurately, respectfully, and responsibly to all stakeholders including society, communities and the environment, Banpu has also committed to running community development initiatives that are intended to improve the quality of lives while continuing to undertake CSR programs at corporate level. The ultimate goal is to promote the sustainable growth of communities and the society by using the ‘Do by Heart’ approach to achieve the goal.

“As a member of the society, we are dedicated to conducting all activities with the strong sense of responsibility. All of our CSR activities are undertaken on a sincere and good- will basis. We do them by heart. ‘Doing by heart’ has given us great pride while driving all of us at Banpu to continue the development and extension of CSR activities for the ultimate benefit of the communities and public in a consistent and sustainable manner,” said Mr. Chanin.

Through the next five years, Banpu will run the CSR strategy along with its long-term business plan (2011-2015). A diverse area of learning will be highlighted in on-going CSR activities that target children and young people who will be the major force for a sustainable development of the country and society in the future, corresponding to our strong belief that “learning” is a power of constructive change and development.

Corporate Affairs is the core body to drive CSR initiatives at both Banpu and its subsidiaries. Mrs. Udomlux Olarn, Banpu’s Head of Corporate Affairs, stated that Banpu has been running several CSR activities in three major areas including educational, environmental and youth development. All the projects follows a core concept to promote continual learning in various areas, both in-class and out-of-classroom.

“Currently, we have about 7-8 CSR projects at corporate level run annually at Bangkok headquarters and most of them promote learning for children and young people. The Banpu Education for Sustainability project boosts the integrative learning in six northern schools for more than seven years. We have been sponsoring learning tools along with capacity-building initiatives training for teachers and students. The Power Green Camp provides the systematic learning of environmental science through lectures, experiments in environmental laboratory, escorted trips and environmental science project presentations. The Banpu Table Tennis Club supports young Thai talents in table tennis to enhance their skills to an international level through knowledge transfer by local and international coaches. At the same time, we encourage learning about morality, ethics, discipline and sportsmanship via many activities run by the club,” added Mrs. Udomlux.

Learning through real life practice is another learning approach that Banpu has supported via development of young social entrepreneurs, encouraging young people to propose and run their social development projects with the financial, training and consultation support from the company. This year, Banpu has broadened the project into the social enterprise program, titled Banpu Champions for Change, that connects businesses, communities, environment and financial results by using management tools and ethical practices as the key drivers for continual and sustainable implementation of social enterprise initiatives.

“The initiative is open for Thai youth nationwide to present and run innovative social enterprise projects that have a clear scope, provide practical and scalable outcomes for the benefit of the Thai society as a whole. This will enable young people to run their own activities on a sustainable basis while continually giving back to the society. The Banpu Champions for Change will invite applications from interested Thai youngsters in May,” concluded Mrs. Udomlux.

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