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Banpu continuously supports social enterprise with “Banpu Champions for Change” for fourth consecutive year

Banpu continuously supports social enterprise with “Banpu Champions for Change” for fourth consecutive year

Nowaday, young Thai entrepreneurs are interested in social enterprise (SE)more and more with the number of new social enterprises increasing dramatically in recent years.  However, these SE are not able to run their business sustainably due to limited knowledge and expertise in developing the business model, effective financial planning as well as conducting social impact assessments.

Banpu is one of the leading private organizations who supports social entrepreneurs continuously and earnestly

Banpu Public Company Limited, one of the leading energy companies in Southeast Asia, has realized the importance of SE since it has formed in Thailand.  As a result, Banpu initiated Banpu Champions for Change project to support young Thai social entrepreneurs.

Banpu Champions for Change (BC4C) program is founded under the concept“Learning: A Power of Change and Development”.  Banpu has collaborated with Change Fusion, a non-profit institute under Thai Rural Reconstruction Movement Foundation under the Royal Patronage.  The project allows young social entrepreneurs who have strong intension to make a positive social impact to propose and implement their own social enterprise-based initiatives.  After they presented their social enterprise initiative to committee, the top 10 teams were elected to receive initial funding up to THB 50,000 each for its implementation over a three-months trial period.  Subsequently, four outstanding projects with significant performance results and a high potential to be further developed as promising SE, are selected to receive additional funding of up to THB 200,000 per project for the second-phase implementation over a six-months period.

Ms. Udomlux Olarn, Banpu Head of Corporate Affairs said that “For three decades since its inception, Banpu has adhered to its business credo: “an industry will be strong only when it is developed in tandem with social and environmental responsibility.”   We have continuously promoted the social enterprise in order to support young generations in creating a power of change and sustainable development.

“Banpu desires to helpSE operate sustainably, with profitable growth and positive social impact.  We have supported not only through financial grant but also provided business guidance for the selected teams throughout and after the program.  Banpu provides these young social entrepreneurs opportunity to learn and connect with experts from different areas through mentoring.  On top of that, we have organized workshops for business model development, financial planning as well as social and environmental impact assessment.” Ms. Udomlux explained.

Banpu is committed to build social enterprises for fourth consecutive year

This is fourth consecutive year that Banpu has created and supported social entrepreneurs through  BC4C program.  During this time, Banpu has supported a total of 41 social enterprise projects covering education, IT, tourism, agriculture, social animation and public health areas.  SuccessfulSEinclude  ‘Local Alike’, a community based tourism aiming to preserve local culture of native people while provide economic opportunities that create livelihoods, ‘Klong Din Sor’ who develops and distributes teaching materials for blind children.

2014: Year of Digital Trend

This year, BC4C has gained a lot of attention from young SE with a variety of interests.  Interestingly, a majority of them have designed to run their business through digital platforms, for instance online learning website via games, crowd funding website to help publishing interesting books job placement digital agency for the underprivileged students and a smart phone application to promote healthy lifestyles for Thai people.  While some are not creating digital products, they are using digital media to promote their businesses or sell their products.  This resonates with the lifestyle of the young generation that considers digital technology as a very important element of their day-to-day lives.

Banpu Champions for Change: “Power of Young Generation, Power of Change”

There is always a good side to every story.  Amidst social and cultural change and fierce competition in daily life, many people are focused on fighting for their own survival rather than other, however, they are some young people who have good intentions and desire to contribute to better society.  These creative, young entrepreneurs have access to cutting-edge technology and information from all over the world.  With sufficient support and guidance, Banpu is confident that they will become the Champions for Change, as not only will their social business contribute to the society and the country, they will also become role models of being smart and good citizen, which in turn contribute to sustainable society development.

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