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Banpu and Mahidol University join hands to organize the 9th Power Green Camp Inspiration for youths to save environment with “Envi-Science, learning through action”

Banpu and Mahidol University join hands to organize the 9th Power Green Camp Inspiration for youths to save environment with “Envi-Science, learning through action”

Banpu Public Company Limited and Mahidol University’s Faculty of Environment and Resource Studies have joined together to host the 9th Power Green Camp to encourage youth to learn how to solve environmental problems in the form of learning through action, in this year’s theme of  ‘How To Prepare and Handle Geohazards for Thai Youth’. This helps to create awareness and understanding of geohazard disasters which occur frequently such as tsunami, earthquakes, floods, landslides and sink holes. This year’s camp takes place during 12-19 October 2014 at the Faculty of Environment and Resource Studies, Mahidol University. 70 students (Grade 11), whose majors are science from across the country, were chosen out of 312 applicants.

Power Green 9 not only promotes rounded learning beyond theory and in-classroom teaching, it also encourages youth to cultivate their analytical and problem solving skills as well as develop their competency to be able to adapt what they learn into real life situations, with the longer term focus on helping them grow to be socially-aware and responsible citizens.

Mrs. Udomlux Olarn, Head of Corporate Affairs, Banpu Public Company Limited said, “Banpu believes that learning and education is a power of change and development; therefore by equipping talented youth, who are our country’s future, with essential and rounded opportunities for learning and development, it will ultimately help drive sustainable growth of our community and society. This aligns with Banpu’s business credo: “an industry will be strong only when it is developed in tandem with social and environmental responsibility” which we upheld across our business for more than three decades. Through the 9th Power Green Camp, we aim to widen students’ outlooks and visions by learning how to effectively manage geohazards; draw out their potential, creativity and strength, problem analysis and solving as well as working as a team, in order to develop their own knowledge and potential for further self-development and help transfer knowledge to their communities and wider Thai society.”
Associate Professor Dr. Kampanad Bhaktikul, Dean of the Faculty of Environment and Resource Studies, Mahidol University, said, “As a leading educational institution of Thailand and Asia with a highly distinguished reputation in teaching both academic theory and practical application, we are pleased to partner with Banpu, the Asia’s leading energy company, in the 9thPower Green Camp Project to enhance mutual knowledge and understanding among youth to handle environmental issues by applying strategic analysis and adapting the scientific processes through theoretical learning from professors of the Faculty of Environment and Resource Studies and geological experts. Students will also have a chance to access to modern equipment and teaching facilities. They will also work with university student mentors who will assist and advise them during the program.

“The causes of the geohazards are an unpredictable natural phenomenon, but students can learn how to prepare themselves and handle the situations. we hope this sharing of knowledge and experience will continue to spread and in turn help reduce the impact and damage to communities in future,” he said.

During these eight days of the Power Green Camp, the students will have a chance to learn in both theory and practice about the nature of geography, mechanisms and indicators prior to geohazards; how to prepare and cope with actual disaster; and take part in a field trip to National Geological Museum in Pathumthani. Participants will then develop team projects which will integrate in a presentation to the camp committee and general public during the Exhibition Day on 18 October 2014.

On the Exhibition Day, Banpu and Mahidol University will offer a range of prizes as the following;

• The winner receives THB 10,000 scholarship and certificate
• 1st runner-up receives THB 7,000 scholarship and certificate
• 2nd runner-up receives THB 5,000 scholarship and certificate
• Consolation prize winner receives THB 3,000 scholarship and certificate
• Popular Vote winner receives THB 3,000 scholarship and certificate (open for general public at the event to vote)
• Special awards The Power Green 2014 Idol (1 male and 1 female) with certificate

“While the awards are designed to inspire students to perform at their best, it is most important that they focus on a life of learning in various forms, which Banpu and Mahidol University hope they will be able to bring knowledge and many skills from the camp and adapt to their day-to-day lives and be good citizens that support sustainable society and future development of Thailand,” Mrs. Udomlux said.

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