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8 Innovative Social Development Projects Win Funding Support from the “Youth Innovative Marketplace 3” Project

8 Innovative Social Development Projects Win Funding Support from the “Youth Innovative Marketplace 3” Project

April 21, 2006: Eight social development projects submitted by creative Thai youth nationwide have been announced winners of the “Youth Innovation Marketplace 3” (YIM 3) project. The eight finalists will receive various supports from the “YIM 3” co-sponsors including Banpu Public Company Limited and the “Smart Teen” project of Thai Health Promotion Foundation (THPF) to help make the dreams of these “young social entrepreneurs” come true.

After the “Youth Innovation Marketplace 3” or “YIM 3” project was announced early this year, inviting innovative ideas for social or community development projects from the young people aged between 15-25 years old, there were total 62 social development projects submitted by interested youth groups across the country. Among the proposals submitted, there were nine projects being selected to gain funding support from “YIM 3” project. Additionally, they will also receive other essential support comprising of training and consultation from YIY (WHY I, Why), a group of young people who initiated and organizes the “YIM” project, and the two main sponsors; THPF and Banpu, with the aim to help these young social entrepreneurs to develop and materialize their projects.

“When talking about the eight selected projects, YIY and the YIM Judging Committee, all of whom are social related professionals, praise these projects for having impressive and innovative social development ideas which are based on realistic ways of creating a better society. It is a pleasure that so many of the projects submitted to “YIM 3” are able to identify current and real social problems as well as show innovative ways of tackling these issues through creative practical ideas such as the unrest violence in three southernmost provinces, youth’s health problems and community development,” said Ms. Kritaya Sreesunpagit, Founder and Director of YIY.

The selected social development projects wining support from “YIM 3” include:
1. Folktale Preservation For Youth and Society, by Kon Hin Group, Yala Province
2. “Anasheet” : Song for Peace, by Chanseo Group (Anasheet and Performance), Prince Songkla University, Pattani Campus
3. Boy Love Boy : AIDS and Sex Education for Youth, by Mplus Youth Group for New Generation Boys Health, Chaing Mai Province
4. North-Eastern Art and Music Center, by Native Dancing Arts and Music Club, Mahasarakham University, Mahasarakham Province
5. Youth Social Volunteer Center, by Po Rak Independent Group, Thammasat University, Rangsit Campus
6. Recreational Attraction for Community, by Recreational Science Major Students Group and Rural Development Volunteer Club, School of Sports Science, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok
7. Scientific Role Play for Community, by Communication of Emotion (COE) Theatre Group, Bangkok
8. Young Archaeologists for “Ban Suak” Community Development, by Young Archaeologists for Community Development Group, Nan Province

As co-sponsors of “YIM 3” project, THPF and Banpu emphasize that giving new generations an opportunity to participate in social development activities according to their interests will help foster them to grow up as good citizens of the nation and serve as role models for their peers.

“The Youth Innovation Marketplace” is one of the education and youth development projects that clearly support the goal of Smart Teen activities, under Thai Health Promotion Foundation. THPF believes that the projects wining support from “YIM 3” will provide great opportunities for Thai youngsters to implement their good will into practical social development projects. In addition to social problems solving, this project will strengthen the capability of youngsters who will become future of the nation,” said Dr. Bundit Sompaisal, Director of Smart Teen, Thai Health Promotion Foundation, a co-sponsor and member of the Judging Committee Board of the “YIM 3” project.

Mrs. Udomlux Olarn, Vice President – Corporate Communications of Banpu Public Company Limited congratulates all nine wining projects owners and believes that they will be successful in implementation of their proposed projects.

“The goal of “Youth Innovation Marketplace” project is consistent with Banpu’s commitment to develop business in tandem with social responsibility. Additionally, “YIM” project aims at supporting youth innovation in social development which corresponds to one of our corporate shared values (called “Banpu Spirit”) to support innovations that are beneficial to societies,” Mrs. Udomlux added.

Lastly, all of the nine wining teams will join the “Orientation Camp” to prepare themselves in various aspects for their projects such as how to manage the project and allocate budget before starting implementation (in May 2006). Besides the fund, the selected teams will receive various trainings, networking and consultation support to assist the groups in implementing their projects effectively.

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