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The Power Green Camp Project

Banpu, in collaboration with the Faculty of Environment and Resource Studies, Mahidol University, have run the Power Green Camp project since 2006 under the concept of “Envi-Science Learning Through Actions.” This project’s purpose is to build awareness of sustainable environmental conservation, allowing the young generations to gain a better understanding in issues relating to the environment and natural resources and apply scientific knowledge to solve them accordingly.

A group of ninth and tenth grade students in Science major across the country are recruited to join the camp during July and August each year. Additionally, a total of 70 students are welcomed to participate in the camp activities during school holiday in October for about one week. Every year a current environmental movement or issue would be selected as the main theme of the activities.

The activities in Power Green Camp include development of learning, thinking and skills in areas relating to the environment and natural resources both in theory through classes and practice through laboratory exercises and field trips. The goal of the project is to enable young individuals to indulge in environmental education through a variety of activities. The participants are also encouraged to present group projects on issues relating to environmental and natural resources, which serve as an opportunity for them to leverage their abilities, creativity, teamwork and public presentation skills.

Since 2016-2019, Banpu has organized a number of activities to extend the benefits of the camp, including selecting three students with outstanding performance each year to participate in a field trip to Banpu sites abroad. The trip is an opportunity for the youths to explore more about natural resources and the environment as well as technology, society and culture in foreign countries. This opportunity also helps the participants in further acquiring and sharing knowledge for the betterment of their respective communities.

In 2020, given the spread of COVID-19,  the “Power Green Camp” adapted the activity by hosting a special event under the theme “Jungle Rumble – Echo from the Deep Forest.” This year, students in Matthayoms 1-6 of all programs nationwide could apply for an online quiz competition. The five winning teams of 15 members in total were awarded a field trip to Kaeng Krachan National Park in Phetchaburi. The field trip aimed to build up the understanding of environmental science and natural resources as well as to build an awareness of sustainable environment conservation on the youth participants.

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