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Let’s Grow More Together! The 11th Banpu Champions for Change’s Acceleration Program Is Open for Application from SEs in Scaling Stage

Let’s Grow More Together! The 11th Banpu Champions for Change’s Acceleration Program Is Open for Application from SEs in Scaling Stage

Banpu Public Company Limited, an international versatile energy provider, continues its commitment to sustainable social development under collaboration with ChangeFusion, a non-profit organization under the Thai Rural Reconstruction Movement Foundation under Royal Patronage, by continuing its incubation and support for new generation of social enterprises (SE) through the 11th “Banpu Champions for Change” project (BC4C) with its latest “Acceleration Program” which is an intensive program for capability development of SEs in scaling up stage. This special program is open for social enterprises to join and grow their businesses even further. The program would bring together social enterprises and join a strong network allowing them to create a better business profile with experts and stretch their capabilities to be ready for presenting business plans to investors or sponsors in order to expand their business growth in the future. Applications are open from today until 31 May.

Mr. Rattapon Sukhunthee, Head of Corporate Communications, Banpu Public Company Limited, said “Over the past 10 years of Banpu Champions for Change project, we are committed to cultivating social enterprises (SE) in their early stage of business and building a strong SE network in Thailand. However, we continued to see the problem of how social enterprises were initially struggling or having limitations to grow and expand their businesses as they were in the early stage of generating revenues and accumulating more capitals. Moreover, the knowledge they had when they started the business tends to restrict them from scaling up their business. This is the reason why we decided to initiate this Acceleration Program as another activity under this year’s BC4C project. Through the concept of “Maximize the Impact – Strengthen SE Network & Empower SEs”, we expand the scope of the project to provide more specific and appropriate support to each SE, providing them with more techniques and experiences while creating opportunities for them to meet with organizations or groups of investors who will continue to support their ventures. We strongly believe in the potential of these social enterprises that once they can grow into a business of a certain value, they will be ready to expand and grow their businesses for creating a positive impact on society.”

Social enterprises that are interested in applying for the Acceleration Program of the 11th Banpu Champions for Change must have the following qualifications:

  • Be a social enterprise that is registered as a juristic person
  • Earn income from last year’s operating results of no less than 1 million baht
  • Require the support and/or fundraising of 1-5 million baht (not limited to any form, whether they are shares or loans)
  • Be a Thai-based business with operating results that is beneficial to Thailand with a clear goal in solving or developing society and the environment
  • Have a long-term commitment to expanding the business’s operations with financial sustainability (Innovation, Impact, Sustainability and Scalability)

The program will select applicants and conduct an initial interview with 10 social enterprises before selecting 6 of them that will be given the opportunity to work with a team of experts in business profile development and analyses to prepare them to be ready for fundraising. They will also receive recommendations for operational improvement necessary for their development in a way that is suitable for their businesses. The project will then provide each enterprise with the opportunity to meet partnership investors or sponsors that are relevant to the industry they are in for the opportunities to cooperate or receive further support in the future.

Those interested can see more details on Facebook at

Applications are open from now until 31 May 2022.

Download the application form at

For more information, please contact 087-075-4815 or [email protected].


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