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BANPU to provide solar power solutions to PMCU to strengthen Smart Energy concept and drive forward CU Smart City development

BANPU to provide solar power solutions to PMCU to strengthen Smart Energy concept and drive forward CU Smart City development

Banpu Public Company Limited (BANPU), a leading integrated energy solutions company in Asia-Pacific, is intensifying its contribution to Thailand’s smart city development through ‘Greener & Smarter’ strategy by signing an agreement with Property Management of Chulalongkorn University (PMCU) for two solar power system installation projects with total capacity of 672 kilowatts on buildings and parking lots within Suanluang-Samyan area. BANPU is represented in this agreement by Banpu Infinergy or Energy Technology Business Group of Banpu, a subsidiary of Banpu PCL (BANPU). These projects will pilot Smart Energy management as part of CU Smart City initiative, adding to the on-demand tuk-tuk EV sharing service launched within the campus together with MuvMi mobile application previously. To promote energy conservation and a switch to clean energy, the projects put new technologies to good use to build a shared value of communities and the society at large in a bid to minimize environmental impacts and bring a better life to surrounding communities.

Mr. James Rama Phataminviphas, Chief Executive Officer of Banpu Infinergy Co., Ltd. said, “We are delighted that PMCU has entrusted BANPU as a one-stop service provider of solar and smart city solutions for CU Smart City, which is an archetypical development in terms of energy and environmental conservation and smart use of alternative energy and modern technologies. Its concept coincides with BANPU’s business endeavour to help drive smart city development across Thailand through our ‘Greener & Smarter’ strategy as we seek to establish sustainable values among all stakeholders, in line with our sustainability objectives that span across environmental, social and governance aspects. As the one-stop provider of solar and smart city solutions, BANPU is proud to provide our clean energy solutions and services that will meet PMCU’s needs all-embracingly. Besides, they come at affordable prices and offer superb system stability and eco-friendliness in modern form factors.

Under this partnership, BANPU has sent its team of expert engineers to perform on-site inspection, study limitations of the site, and gather information for system design and installation planning to ensure optimum electricity generation performance of the systems. This resulted in two solutions being offered to PMCU: 1) installation of solar rooftop system with a capacity of 325 kilowatts at Samyan Market building; and
2) design and installation of solar carports with a capacity of 347 kilowatts at the parking lot of CU Sport Zone. With the two solutions combined, the installed capacity will total 672 kilowatts, provided as a signature package in which PMCU can enjoy free installation plus free maintenance through the contract period. They will be completely installed in December 2019 and early 2020, respectively.

Associate Professor Wisanu Subsompon, Ph.D., Vice President for Property and Innovation Management at Chulalongkorn University explained, “Samyan Market is part of CU Smart City initiative, a master plan to develop Suanluang-Samyan—a highly-populated inner-city area with high consumption of resources and a key business district of Bangkok—into a model smart city and an economic and social neighbourhood of the future. Its development is grounded on ‘4 SMARTs’ concept that addresses four key dimensions of urban development: Smart Mobility, Smart Energy, Smart Environment and Smart Living. By having integrated solar power systems installed within Suanluang-Samyan area, we are equipping CU Smart City with a well-rounded Smart Energy capability to generate, store and make use of clean energy as an alternative to traditional power supply. Besides, this will help reduce carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere.”

“Solar power is an ideal source of alternative energy in Thai climate, which is characterised by sunny days all year round, and not to mention the fact that the use of technology in modern-day solar power systems have resulted in greater photovoltaic performance and system stability,” Dr. Wisanu pointed out. “With BANPU as our partner in these projects, we are assured by exceptional expertise and attentive care of a leading company who has more than 36 years of experiences in the energy sector, as well as their capability to provide the right solutions for the installation site, one-stop service and high-tech after-sales support that allows efficient monitoring of the power generation and system status. In addition to the pilot projects in Suanluang-Samyan area, PMCU plans to embrace solar power as a sustainable source of alternative energy alongside other dimensions of development to drive forward our smart city initiative.”

“Besides this new partnership, BANPU has previously supported Smart Mobility concept of CU Smart City through introduction of tuk-tuk EV and MuvMi mobile application—an investment with 22% stake held by BANPU—to provide an on-demand tuk-tuk EV sharing service to students and general public within the campus. The partnership with PMCU through these projects reflects BANPU’s capabilities as the expert in solar and smart city solutions. It also reaffirms our status as the integrated energy solutions provider who is trusted by leading organizations across industries, including educational institutions. We strive to meet all needs of organizations through our products, services and solutions and we will continue to introduce a diverse array of energy technologies across solar accessories, electric vehicles, energy storage and management systems, etc. In addition to providing organizations with alternatives, this will support development of efficient, self-contained ecosystem of clean energy and help drive sustainable growth of Thailand,” Mr. James Rama concluded.

Companies and business owners who are interested in solar and smart city solutions can learn more at or contact the company’s customer relations via number 02-095-6599 or email

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Banpu Public Company Limited is a leading integrated energy solutions company with 3 core groups of businesses; energy resource, energy generation and energy technology in 10 countries: Thailand, Indonesia, China, Australia, Lao PDR, Mongolia, Singapore, Japan, the United States of America and Vietnam.

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Banpu Infinergy Company Limited is a subsidiary of Banpu Public Company Limited. As a one-stop service provider of total solar energy solutions and smart city solutions, Banpu Infinergy combines various advanced technologies with more than 36 years of BANPU experience in operating energy solutions in Thailand and abroad and its expertise from managing solar farm plants in China and Japan to provide the best clean energy services. Banpu Infinergy addresses energy needs of consumers, communities and the society at large through its commitment to clean, sustainable energy innovations that offer advantages of smart, affordable, reliable and eco-friendly service.

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