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Banpu reveals its people development mission within and outside of the organization through the vision of its cofounder

Banpu reveals its people development mission within and outside of the organization through the vision of its cofounder

The 2017 Human Resource Excellence Award is presented to Mr. Chanin Vongkusolkit, the Chairman of Banpu PCL. by Privy Councillor Palakorn Suwannarat in the annual Human Resources Excellence Award presentation ceremony hosted by the Institute for Continuing Education and Social Services, Thammasat University

Human resources development has always been an essential agenda prioritized by most institutions in every sector, especially during the time when the government is mobilizing Thai people to get ready for “Thailand 4.0”, which will steer the country upon the path of sustainable development. People development fosters professional competence and a global mindset in the workforce, whose engagement contributes to social development. The private sector also plays a crucial role in business development by enhancing competitive advantage and creating economic value for the country.

Banpu PCL., a Thai private enterprise and a pioneering Asian energy company operating power,
coal and other related energy businesses, believes that the competitive edge over other enterprises from such factors as capital, technology and expertise can be sought by the capable Management, but human capital is the company’s challenge and the asset it has to create and continuously develop. Over three decades, Mr. Chanin Vongkusolkit, the co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors, has laid the foundation of human capital development at Banpu, stressing that its workforce combines expertise and ethical values to achieve organizational, personal and social development.

Mr. Chanin Vongkusolkit, Chairman of the Board of Banpu PCL. said “From the beginning of a Thai small mining company in Lamphun Province, today, Banpu operates a wide range of energy businesses in nine countries of the Asia-Pacific region. Without the right people as driving force, we would not have succeeded in expanding the business overseas. Currently, we have over 300 employees at Banpu headquarter in Bangkok and more than 100 in other countries where we operates. They are the people we are committed to develop because they have the potential to create value for the organization and extend it to the society.”

Banpu’s recruitment process aims at finding persons who are professionally competent with the right attitudes and behaviors corresponding to the Company’s core values in order to create harmony among a large number of staff with diversity in races, languages and age groups. This builds seamless and adaptable operations in the changing global business environment. What assimilates all employees to work together happily and effectively is the corporate culture called “Banpu Spirit”. It comprises four core values namely Innovation, Integrity, Care and Synergy. Banpu Spirit serves as initial selection criteria for people to work at Banpu and a framework for all levels of employees to do their jobs.

Whoever steps into Banpu Group will receive capacity enhancement through its in-house training and development program called Banpu Training Roadmap, which provides both technical and non-technical knowledge for all employees to adapt to their work in all areas and situations in a professional manner. This will lead to the employee satisfaction and determination to move the organization forward.

Additionally, Banpu contributes to the external society through its corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities focusing on “Education and Learning” of children and young adults who are the key foundation to sustainable social and national development. The Company’s CSR projects promote extra-curricular learning opportunities. For example, Banpu has been sponsoring table tennis through “Banpu Table Tennis Club” to develop youth’s athletic skills and out-of-classroom learning experiences; “Banpu Education for Sustainability” in the areas where Banpu used to operate to promote integrated learning; “Power Green Camp” to educate young people about ways to solve environmental problems; “Banpu Champions for Change” to support social enterprises; and “Thammasat-Banpu Innovative Learning Program” to develop young innovators with design thinking skills through learning games, which will lead to social problem-solving.

“Banpu’s CSR projects feature all the four corporate values and also reflect the belief that learning is the power of change and development. Therefore, we support the activities that promote learning both within and outside the organization. We stress on cultivating smart and ethical youngsters so that they become valuable grownups who can do things beneficial to themselves, their families and communities. These, in turn, will bring sustainable socio-economic development of the country,” Mr. Chanin added.

From the vision and accumulated insights and practices granted to the company since its inception by Mr. Chanin Vongkusolkit, the co-founder, it is apparent that Mr. Chanin has contributed greatly to the national human resources development. Recently, Mr. Chanin was awarded “the 2017 Human Resources Excellence Award” presented by the Institute for Continuing Education and Human Resources, Thammasat University, which annually honors and awards distinguished individuals who have made exemplary contributions to the human resources development.


About Banpu PCL.
Banpu is a pioneering Asian energy company, operating business in coal, power generation, and integrated energy sectors in nine countries; Thailand, Indonesia, China, Australia, Lao PDR, Mongolia, Singapore, Japan and the United States of America.

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