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Banpu Introduces “UpImpact by Banpu Champions for Change” Activity to Support Thai Social Entrepreneurs during Sluggish Economy with a Series of Webinars and Workshops with Gurus

Banpu Introduces “UpImpact by Banpu Champions for Change” Activity to Support Thai Social Entrepreneurs during Sluggish Economy with a Series of Webinars and Workshops with Gurus

Banpu Public Company Limited in collaboration with ChangeFusion, a non-profit organization under the Thai Rural Reconstruction Movement Foundation under the Royal Patronage, furthers its decade-long commitment to support social enterprises (SE) by adapting its annual Banpu Champions for Change (BC4C) project into “UpImpact by Banpu Champions for Change” activity. The activity sets to select 20 teams of social enterprises to join a skill-training workshop with experts and entrepreneurs from different fields, allowing participating SEs to gain more knowledge and bring them to generate more income and run their businesses in a more sustainable way in this never-normal era while also creating positive impact on the communities and society as a whole. There will also be four webinar series in total for social enterprises, small and mid-level enterprises as well as general public to join.

Mrs. Udomlux Olarn, Head of Corporate Communications, Banpu Public Company Limited, said “Banpu has organized activities under our annual Banpu Champions for Change (BC4C) project for social enterprises since 2011. It has been our strong intention to support Thai SEs, which founded and operate with good governance together with the approach to help make the betterment for community, society and the environment. This year marks 10th anniversary of the project but the COVID-19 crisis forces us to maintain social distancing, resulting in the limitation to organize the activities in a former way. However, COVID-19 crisis had a huge impact on the economy and society and, thus, on Thai SEs which face a real challenge in the market and challenge in maintaining their business growth, even in the normal situation. That’s why we decided to turn our project into an activity that should provide support to affected SEs, allowing them to continue their businesses and keep on helping communities, consumers in general and all their stakeholders. We believe that social enterprise will be one of the good options to do business for young entrepreneurs in this never-normal era to drive sustainability in Thailand’s economy system, especially the grassroots economy to be strengthened and independently sustain. For the rest of the year, Banpu therefore collaborates with ChangeFusion to conduct “UpImpact by Banpu Champions for Change” activity to provide knowledge and experiences to SEs and general public and to enhance versatile skills for 20 selected teams of social enterprises, allowing them to apply what they will learn to improve their business strategy and create sustainable growth for their businesses.”

For the first activity of “UpImpact by Banpu Champions for Change”, Banpu is recruiting 20 social enterprises, comprising Banpu Champions for Change alumni and other SEs that are interested to join the activity this year. The activity includes skill training workshops that provide insightful knowledges to SEs, allowing them to adapt these knowledges to their businesses. Experts in social enterprises also join the activity as mentors for the 20 teams, encouraging them to further their business growth while creating positive impact on the society in general. Then, the second activity will contain four sessions of webinars where both SEs and general public can join. The webinars aim to share necessary knowledge for SEs in this never-normal era. The first one starts on 10 September 2020, where there are experts joining to share their views on two different subjects including:

1. “Inspiring New Approach for Business to Survive in a Sustainable Way” by three experts who join the session to share their views and knowledges on how business would be revived and survive after COVID-19. They are:
• ML. Dispanadda Diskul, Chief Executive Officer of Mae Fah Luang Foundation and Chairman of the Social Enterprise Thailand Association
• Ms. Thisana Thitisakdiskul, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Noburo, an online platform that designs financial wellness solution to relief workers’ financial stress
• Dr. Ake Pattaratanakun, an expert in branding and marketing from Department of Marketing, Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy, Chulalongkorn University.

2. “SE: Change to Fight, Adjust to Survive” by three social entrepreneurs who share their business strategies to turn the COVID-19 crisis into opportunity. They are:
• Mr. Somsak Boonkam, Founder of Local Alike, a business model that promotes community-based tourism, dedicating to sustainable development of local communities.
• Mr. Amornpol Huvanandana, Founder of moreloop, a startup that pushes forward circular economy through the use of waste fabrics from textile factories, adding more value to it while reducing environmental impact
• Mr. Sanon Wangsangboon, Founder of Locall, a food-delivery platform that creates income for local retail shops and people in communities

The activity will hold three more seminar through webinar that provide knowledge and necessary skills to empower entrepreneurs, social enterprises as well as individuals who are interested and want to establish social enterprises, ranging from business management, online market development, financial management and funding with many more tips from knowledgeable and experienced gurus.

For more information about “UpImpact by Banpu Champions for Change” activity and more details on the series of webinars which will be happening throughout the rest of the year, please follow Banpu Champions for Change Facebook page.

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