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Banpu Holds National Board Game Competition and Activities “Banpu B-Sports Thailand 2018”

Banpu Holds National Board Game Competition and Activities “Banpu B-Sports Thailand 2018”

Board games in Thailand have moved a step forward when Banpu Public Company Limited, a leading integrated energy solutions company in the Asia Pacific with the commitment to sustainable social development joined hand with Board Game Night, a cast board game program attracting the biggest audience in Thailand, in hosting “Banpu B-Sports Thailand 2018”. This national board game competition was held on Saturday, 10 November 2018, and was one of the highlights of “Banpu B-Sports Thailand” – a board game project aiming to promote creative board game playing. The project has recently launched “Super Power 8”, the newest board game. Six winners from the Super Power 8 competitions at six board game cafés joining this project were to compete with the winner of Board Game Night and the winners from Banpu B-Sports Thailand 2018 to search for the first champion of Banpu B-Sports Thailand.

Banpu B-Sports Thailand 2018 was held on Saturday, 10 November 2018 at the activity zone on the LG floor, Siam Square One Shopping Center from 11.00 to 19:00. The event started with a series of highlights such as Super Power 8 final round competition and interactive stage show where the audience can participate in the investigation of a murderer based on the content of the famous board game CS Files. Besides, there was a fun talk by three content creators on how to change passion into the content that reaches today’s teens. The three content creators joining the talk to share their exciting experiences about board games were Cool Tom-Chakhrit Yoamphayom, the Superfan on Sunthorn Phu and a Thai teacher who never gets tired of learning new things; View-Chananya Techajaksema, the author of Thai Literature Digest and the owner of a Facebook page Point of View; and Nueung-Panuwat Thonghom, a handsome guy who made his fans laugh and ignited their passion.  Apart from these, there was a Super Power 8 battle among six teams of famous YouTubers: Sweat 16, Buffet Channel, Gozziira, About Us, Rubsarb Production and BGN. The event also included board game fair, the exhibition of creative board game projects by university students studying about board games, and space for the public to try and shop for games. The event was very well-received by the public.

Mrs. Udomlux Olarn, Head of Corporate Affairs, Banpu Public Company Limited stated, “Other than those games we are familiar with like Monopoly and Snakes and Ladders, today board games have a much wider variety. Indeed, they have become so popular that kids who are addicted to smartphone put down their phones and picked up joy in playing board games with friends. Banpu noticed that more than fun, board game is one of the tools for helping develop social and teamwork skills, the critical skills for today’s youth. This is why Banpu decided to be a spearhead in supporting board games. We believe that knowledge should not be confined to the classroom or textbooks. Board games well reflect Banpu’s new corporate culture of success orientation through being passionate, innovative and committed. So, we and board game players in Thailand initiated the Banpu B-Sports Thailand project with the aim of encouraging people in our phubbing society to interact more with real people through playing board games, which is not only fun but also full of benefits. Banpu B-Sports Thailand 2018 was also the event where eminent figures in board games joined hands in sharing their joy and experiences from playing board games with the public. In this event, attendees can choose to join various interesting activities or take part in the competition. Banpu hopes that this project will enable younger generations to build their learning and working potential and create innovations for their communities and society.”

Mr. Wattanachai Treedecha, the producer of Board Game Night, aka “BGN,” and the founder of – Thailand’s first crowdfunding website for board game production said, “The charm of playing board games is the atmosphere and shared-experience of playing when the players spend time and talk together. Parents can spend quality time playing games with their children. We wish to spread happiness and board game culture and support Thai game designers to create good board games under this collaborative project. Clearly, Banpu B-Sports Thailand 2018 is well received by the interested public and board game lovers, who attended the final round of Super Power 8 competition and other related activities. The event today was successful as aimed both in terms of the number of attendees and fun atmosphere.”

Mr. Techapas Makkhong, the first winner of “Banpu B-Sports Thailand” champions trophy and prize money of THB 10,000 said, “I myself like board games. So, when I heard about Banpu B-sports Thailand 2018, I was thrilled. In this event, I found that lots of people are interested in board games and I got to know new friends who love playing board games like me. It made me realize that board games in Thailand have the potential to develop further. I was also impressed with the lively atmosphere. So, I want everyone to open their hearts to board games because it is a creative and beneficial activity. While playing, we get to practice ourselves and many other skills. For example, playing Super Power 8 needs strategic planning. Each game has its own charm. Adults may again find their long-lost childhood fun in playing board games.”

Super Power 8, the highlight game in Banpu B-Sports Thailand, is a party and strategy game, in which players get not only the fun from playing but also opportunity to sharpen their skills, such as analytical, planning, and problem solving skills as well as communication and psychological skills.

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