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Banpu Heart Connects All Banpu People in Pursuing a Common Goal of Delivering Smarter Energy for the Future.

Banpu Heart Connects All Banpu People in Pursuing a Common Goal of Delivering Smarter Energy for the Future.

 A good corporate culture is intertwined with the vision and mission of a company, indicating the identity, belief, behavior and direction of the organization and its people toward the organization’s goals. Having a corporate culture that brings people in the organization together to understand the way of working and engages all employees is crucial in driving the company to achieve sustainable growth and prosperity.

Banpu, a leading international versatile energy provider, truly believes that “employees” are the heart of business operations. The Company’s corporate culture known as “Banpu Heart” connects and unites more than 6,000 employees from various nationalities and cultures in 10 countries, where Banpu operates,  while guiding them on a journey towards a common goal – to deliver smarter energy for the future.

“Our most important asset is not mines, gas wells, power plants, nor stat-of-the-art energy technology, but “people”. At Banpu, all human beings have unlimited potential and are truly sustainable resource we have,” said Mrs. Somruedee Chaimongkol, Banpu CEO.

Banpu Heart coalesces Banpu people. It unites the diversity of our employees. Every person matters in our company as we are all on the mission of creating energy sustainability in line with our Greener & Smarter strategy to achieve the goal of becoming a leading international versatile energy provider through our three business groups – Energy Resources (atural gas and mining), Energy Generation (thermal and renewable power plants) and Energy Technology (energy storage, energy trading platform, EV and smart energy), and deliver smarter energy for the future to society, community and the world,” added Somruedee.

Banpu Heart comprises three core values – Passionate – to encourage all employees to have passion and strive for what they do; Innovative – to foster creativity and courage to try new things; and Committed – to be persistent to achieve the best results.

“To create a workplace that inspires passion for employees, we provide them with opportunities for growth in career path, trainings for upskilling and reskilling, as well as cultivating them with knowledge and understanding in energy that evolves with global trends, making energy a part of our DNA, something that we live and breathe. Concurrently, our organization promotes innovation by staying open for and listening to all ideas, giving employees the freedom of work flexibility, encouraging them to unleash their creativity and potential. In building employee commitment, we instill correct values and ethics at the workplace, encourage employees to leverage the power of working in synergy and networking to gain better results, as well as to comprehend their growth along with the Company, and to be proud of being a part in delivering smarter energy for the future.”

Today, Banpu is in the midst of its major transition or Banpu Transformation in line with its Greener & Smarter strategy toward greener and smarter energy businesses and energy trends – 3Ds (Decarbonization, Decentralization, Digitalization) for a sustainable growth in the future. In parallel, the Company has progressively advanced its digital transformation by leveraging cutting-edge innovation and technology in company-wide operations and implementing agile working for better speed, flexibility and improved performance. This is a major move to enhance Banpu’s competitive edge, better to meet the needs of the future energy demand, while bring people a better quality of life with better energy solutions relevant to the lifestyle of the new generation, all of which will never be achieved without highly engaged employees.

“Banpu people are the kind of people who are able to quickly adapt to an ever-changing world in every way. This allows us to quickly move forward in our organization transformation process, as well as be able to smoothly cope with the challenges from the COVID-19 crisis during the past 2 years,” said Somruedee.

On its journey to deliver sustainable energy, Banpu has driven its business with strong adherence to the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) principles for almost 4 decades, with emphasis on efforts to ameliorate various environmental issues and uplift people’s quality of life, while staying committed to ethical business conduct and organizational sustainability.

“The path to build energy sustainability is both a challenge and a passion for Banpu people. Our three corporate values – Passionate, Innovate and Committed,  will create a strong bond among our people to move towards our goal, and ensure that Banpu is truly committed to meeting the future demand  energy in response to sustainability.  With a synergic power of all our employees led by a strong corporate culture in place, we are eminently well-positioned to achieve our goal,” concluded Somruedee.

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