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“Banpu Academy” Grooming ‘Banpu People’ for Sustainable Success in Today’s Evolving Business and Technology Landscape

“Banpu Academy” Grooming ‘Banpu People’ for Sustainable Success in Today’s Evolving Business and Technology Landscape

In today’s digital age, the rapid evolution of people’s lifestyles is fundamentally reshaping work trends.        This transformation is particularly pronounced among emerging generations like Gen Z, who are entering the job market with a strong emphasis on versatility. Surveys, including findings from the World Economic Forum, underscore the growing importance of individuals capable of adapting across diverse domains. Gen Z exhibits a notable eagerness to acquire and refine new skills, expecting employers to facilitate their development of a broad skill set essential for navigating a swiftly changing world. This proactive approach empowers them not only to innovate by integrating knowledge from various fields but also to foster personal and career growth while providing timely support for company expansion. Ultimately, they leverage their evolving expertise to drive positive impacts for both society and the global community.

Banpu Public Company Limited, a leading international versatile energy provider, places significant emphasis on    the Capacity Development of “Banpu people” across multiple fronts, including digital technology, management, and innovative thinking. This approach is essential for cultivating a diverse, highly qualified workforce capable of supporting rapid and efficient business expansion and adaptation.

Mr. Sinon Vongkusolkit, CEO of Banpu Public Company Limited, emphasizes, “At Banpu, Human Empowerment is paramount. Our people are pivotal in driving and building organizational growth. We focus on preparing them for a disruptive world by instilling new essential skills (reskill) and enhancing existing ones (upskill). This includes developing digital skills through our robust institutional framework, which is rooted in over 40 years of rich corporate culture, resources, and accumulated knowledge embodied in the ‘Banpu Academy.’

“One of Banpu’s key advantages is its vast body of knowledge dedicated to developing “Banpu people” through initiatives like the ‘Banpu Academy.’ This learning institution nurtures a comprehensive body of knowledge tailored to diverse employee needs. This approach fosters creativity and practical application, including the transfer of experiences across generations. It aims to cultivate a new generation of leaders ready to navigate evolving situations in alignment with sustainable organizational transition initiatives.”


Banpu Academy: Unlocking the Potential of Banpu People
Banpu previously managed employee training and skill development through a unit within the Human Resources Division. However, with the launch of the ‘Banpu Transformation’ initiative organization-wide in 2018, utilizing the “Triple Transformation” framework—encompassing business, technological, and human resources transformations—Banpu integrated the People Capability Development unit with the Digital unit to promote comprehensive capability development. This effort culminated in the formal establishment of Banpu Academy in 2022.

Ms. Jareeya Chirdkiatisak, Head of Banpu Academy, highlights, “Banpu Academy is pivotal in unlocking   the potential of over 6,000 Banpu people across nine countries, instilling a belief in their ability to develop and grow through dedication. The academy serves as a repository of comprehensive knowledge, including our legacy of success, consolidating Banpu’s historical experiences into case studies and actual problem-solving examples. It encompasses  a wealth of knowledge, from specific hard skills that enhance role effectiveness to soft skills that foster collaborative efficiency, drawing on our 40-year longevity.”


Coaching & Mentoring: The Key to Banpu’s Strength
The various training courses that Banpu Academy has developed are diverse to enhance the skills of Banpu people comprehensively and ensuring practical applicability to their roles. The Academy distinguishes itself with unique training styles, focusing on three main areas: Learning Solution Design, which tailors’ courses to diverse business needs to support future portfolio expansion; Coaching & Mentoring, which leverages both internal and external coaches, particularly internal experts passing on knowledge and experience (“elders teaching the younger”); and Business Case, which utilizes project management examples and operational business models accumulated over four decades and passed down through generations. These unique approaches to capacity development at Banpu Academy, delivered continuously and intensively, have gained widespread recognition, especially in the realm of human resources development, earning accolades such as the ‘Employee Experience Awards 2024’ and the ‘NEWS Compass®️ Global Award – Excellence in Coaching and Mentoring.’ These international awards recognize organizations that focus on continuous employee learning.

One notable initiative of Banpu Academy is the International Business Leader Program (IBLP), which selects talented young executives from various Banpu business units across nine countries for specialized training and knowledge exchange. This program includes sharing management, business, and technological insights to empower the next generation of leaders crucial to driving the organization’s future success. The program’s tangible results are evident, as participants significantly advance within their new capacities.


“Aim High and Never Give Up.” – A Reflection from Banpu Academy Graduate
Mr. Niti Pitakteeratham, Country Head – Japan, is one of the rising executives within Banpu who participated in the International Business Leader Program (IBLP) and now holds a senior leadership position overseeing Banpu’s operations in Japan. Reflecting on his journey, he shared, “Initially tasked with expanding Banpu’s investments in Japan, my goal was to become a department director, never imagining I’d rise to this current position. A conversation with Khun Somruedee, the CEO at the time, changed my perspective. She encouraged me to ‘aim high and never give up.’ Taking her advice to heart, I seized the opportunity to join the IBLP, which enabled me to overcome perceived limitations. I began to adapt, striving to better understand diverse working cultures. Learning firsthand from senior executives and applying their insights to my work was pivotal in shaping my path to my current role.”

“Becoming part of Banpu Academy was instrumental for me. Initially, I received invaluable guidance on job responsibilities, problem-solving, and new technologies from senior colleagues. Despite initial challenges, such as adapting to Japan’s process-oriented work culture, effective communication and resilience were crucial in helping me achieve results efficiently,” Mr. Niti recalled of his achievement in the current capacity.


A Lifelong Learning Organization on a Mission to Deliver Smarter Energy for Sustainability
“Banpu is committed to being a lifelong learning organization dedicated to delivering smarter energy for sustainability. The mission of Banpu Academy is to unlock people’s talents and empower their growth. As individuals develop and contribute toward our organizational goals, they are empowered to apply their knowledge and drive innovation, ultimately contributing to society and the world,” concluded Mr. Sinon.

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