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Banpu, through PT. Indo Tambangraya Megah Tbk (ITM), Banpu’s subsidiary company listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange, manages five coal mines in Kalimantan: Indominco, Jorong, Kitadin, Trubaindo, and Bharinto.   ITM has established a strong market position as a reliable supplier with a great diversity of coal products. The Company is able to fully ensure product quality consistency and efficient customer service, through the modern port facilities available at its wholly-owned Bontang Coal Terminal (BoCT) in East Kalimantan.  

Currently, Banpu’s ITM is widely recognized as a major coal supplier in the international market, with the "Bontang Coal" and “Trubaindo Coal” as its core product brands, well-known among power producers in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Italy and other countries.    
Supply Reliability
With a large stockpile facility for up to 650,000 tonnes of coal at the BoCT, ITM is always assured of a constant supply to fulfill customer demand. 
Product Variety
ITM has a variety of coal types to offer, ranging from “Sub-Bituminous” to “Bituminous” – the premium coal type suitable for use in power plants, cement factories, and other industrial plants. With a relatively low nitrogen and ash content, the coal products are much sought after by customers, both in Europe and Asia.
Quality Consistency
The coal quality is systematically monitored on an advanced logistics software system, from the mine-planning to the vessel-loading stage. Banpu’s ITM coal laboratories at every mine site achieve world-class quality control standards. The central laboratory at the BoCT helps re-ensure that the quality of coal delivered to customers meets the required specifications.
Delivery Flexibility
The improvements made at the BoCT have brought about better service and lower logistics costs for its customers. The Terminal can now accommodate large vessels of up to 95,000 DWT. Using an additional ‘Supplementary Loading’ system, the BoCT’s vessel-loading capacity has increased by 1.5 million tonnes per annum (mtpa), causing the total vessel-loading capacity to reach 20 mtpa.

The Company uses 8,000-tonne barges to transport coal from all mine sites to the BoCT which operates a ‘Continuous Barge Unloading’ system with 12-mtpa loading capacity. Belt conveyors are then used to transport coal to the stockpile area for shipment to customers.

To provide a further more predictable service and reduce waiting time of customer vessels, ITM also adopts the ‘Bontang Anchorage’ system, off shore to BoCT, consisting of two ‘Floating Transfer Stations’, to boost its  overall loading capacity by an additional 3.5 mtpa. At present this Bontang Anchorage System loads coal overwhelmingly originating from Mahakam River.