MESSAGE FROM CEO Sinon Vongkusolkit Chief Executive Officer I am pleased to present our second Climate Change Report for the year 2023. Guided by the TCFD recommendations, our report contains a comprehensive assessment of the impact of climate change on our company and represents a significant step forward in our commitment to addressing climate change and ensuring a sustainable future for our planet. In this report, we have enhanced our climate scenario analysis to align with the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) in each country where we have operations. This alignment underscores our commitment to national and global efforts in mitigating climate change and highlights our strategic direction toward decarbonization. In addition, we have conducted a thorough reassessment of climate-related risks and opportunities at the site level, ensuring a more granular and precise understanding of our operational impacts and resilience. Furthermore, a notable advancement in our report is the inclusion of an in-depth analysis of physical risks, guided by the latest IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report (AR6). This analysis has been instrumental in shaping our adaptation strategies. We have seen significant improvements in our carbon emissions reduction, as well as an increase in our renewable energy portfolio. Our commitment extends beyond reporting – we actively monitor and disclose our climate-related financial performance and progress. In addition, we have implemented and planned decarbonizing initiatives throughout our operations. AS WE MOVE FORWARD, OUR COMMITMENT EXTENDS BEYOND MERE MEETINGS, WE STRIVE TO SURPASS OUR SUSTAINABILITY GOALS. WE ARE INSPIRED BY THE COLLECTIVE ACTION OF OUR PARTNERS, CUSTOMERS, AND ALL STAKEHOLDERS. WE INVITE YOU TO JOIN US IN THIS CRITICAL ENDEAVOR. TOGETHER, WE CAN CREATE A MORE SUSTAINABLE AND RESILIENT FUTURE FOR ALL. Climate Change Report 2023 6 Introduction Governance Strategy Risk Management Metrics & Targets Looking Ahead