Mr. Piriya Khempon Chairman of the Environment, Social, and Governance Committee As we unveil our second Climate Change Report in alignment with the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) guidelines, I am filled with profound sense of progress and unwavering determination. This year’s report builds on the foundation we laid last year, further embedding our commitment to sustainability into the very fabric of our operations. In this report, we not only illuminate significant strides we made over the past year in reducing our carbon footprint, but also sharpen our focus on the challenges and opportunities await us on the horizon. Our journey toward sustainability is an ongoing one, a testament to the tireless efforts and steadfast dedication of our team. It underscores our strong commitment to be an integral part of the solution in shaping a low-carbon economy. Acknowledging that the path ahead is complex and filled with uncertainties, we remain resolute in our commitment to transparency and accountability. Our risk management processes have been fortified, and our engagement with stakeholders continues to evolve. Together, we ensure that our strategy remains robust and responsive to the ever-changing landscape of climate-related risks and opportunities. AS CHAIRMAN OF THE ESG COMMITTEE, I EXTEND MY HEARTFELT GRATITUDE TO OUR DEDICATED TEAMS, VISIONARY LEADERS, AND ALL STAKEHOLDERS WHO SHARE OUR VISION. LET US CONTINUE THIS JOURNEY—ONE WHERE PURPOSE MEETS PROGRESS, AND WHERE EVERY DECISION ECHOES THROUGH TIME. Climate Change Report 2023 5