Mitigation measures Adaptation strategies Engineering controls: Reinforcing structures, building flood barriers, or implementing seismic retrofitting. For example, at site, we have evaluated and installed equipment to control flooding at catchment area and maintain pump performance allocation. Infrastructure upgrades: Enhancing resilience to withstand extreme weather events or sea-level rise. We have conducted workshops to identify precipitation patterns and develop production planning. Land use planning: Zoning regulations to restrict development in highrisk areas. For example, we have developed and implemented digital applications to identify high risk areas for employees. Diversification of water sources: Investing in alternative water supplies or water conservation measures to address changes in precipitation patterns. At power plant operation, we have planned to reuse water with the plant and aim to zero discharge to outside. Natural resource management: Reforestation, wetland restoration, or erosion control to mitigate the impact of natural hazards. Ecosystem-based adaptation: Protecting and restoring natural ecosystems to provide natural buffers against physical risks, such as wetlands for flood control or green infrastructure for heat mitigation. Emergency preparedness: Developing and practicing emergency response plans for various scenarios. We have implemented Business Continuity Management System based on ISO 22301:2019. Having a management process and a plan to prevent and recover critical business functions and operations in case of cyberattacks, manmade disasters or natural disasters. Community engagement and capacity building: Empowering local communities to understand and respond to changing physical risks through education, training, and community-based adaptation initiatives. We have worked closely with the community and developed project together through Community Development Program. Meanwhile, we have developed forest education area and open to community to study about Species and ecosystem. Insurance in place: To mitigate risk, the company has ensured that the insurance was in place and cover our operation. Mitigation and adaptation plan for physical risk Climate Change Report 2023 27