Physical Risk Driver Impact Risk rating Energy Resources Energy Generation Energy Technology ST MT LT ST MT LT ST MT LT Drought Drought can have significant impacts on operations due to its effects on water availability, operational costs, and safety considerations. Several key areas where these effects are felt include water supply, dust management, supply chain disruptions, environmental concerns, and community relations. Heat The impact of heat on operations can be significant, affecting both the safety of workers and the efficiency of production. These impacts include equipment performance, water management, fire risk. Heat can have diverse and far-reaching impacts on operations, highlighting the importance of proactive planning, risk mitigation strategies, and employee welfare measures to ensure the safety and sustainability operation in hot weather conditions. Heavy Precipitation Heavy precipitation can significantly impact operations in variousways including infrastructure damage, water management chal lenges, production disruption, product transportation disruption. Wildfire Wildfire can significantly impact to operations in various ways including safety risk, infrastructure damage, production disruption. Note: ST=short-term, MT=medium-term, LT=long-term Risk High Medium to High Low to medium Low Climate Change Report 2023 26 Introduction Governance Strategy Risk Management Metrics & Targets Looking Ahead