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At Banpu, we believe that every shareholder shall be treated equally. This is clearly stated in the 'Policy Related to Shareholders: Rights and Equality of Shareholders and Shareholders' Meetings' that the Company's shareholders, as part owners, shall have the same basic rights – such as the right to receive all information needed in a timely manner to allow appropriate decision making.
To ensure compliance with such policy, the Company adheres strictly to laws and regulations governing information disclosure specified by the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Stock Exchange of Thailand. In addition, all information relating to shareholders' meetings is stored systematically, to provide easy access for shareholders.

Docment NameDateFile sizeDownload
Management Discussion and Analysis Quarter 3 Ending 30 Sep 201709/11/20172.76 MB
Notification of Sales and Coal Reserves09/11/2017270 KB
Acquisition of coal mine in Indonesia09/11/2017394.33 KB
Additional acquisition in shale gas tenements09/10/2017363.3 KB
Clean energy investment in Sunseap Group19/09/2017292.78 KB
Resolutions of the Board of Directors Meeting regarding the declaration of interim dividend31/08/201716.96 KB
Establishment of a subsidiary28/08/2017284.09 KB
2Q17 financial result presentation on Banpu website16/08/2017293.75 KB
Form to Report on Names of Members and Scope of Work of the Audit Committee(F24-1)31/07/2017325.61 KB
Report of Utilization of Proceed from the Capital Increase16/08/2017248.12 KB
Result from the last exercise of warrant BANPU-W3 and increase in paid-in capital12/06/2017371.61 KB
Notification of Intention to Exercise the Warrants BANPU-W3 (Last Exercise) until June 2, 201729/05/201793.81 KB
Q1/2017 financial result presentation on company website22/05/2017258.17 KB
Additional acquisition in shale gas tenements15/05/2017258.17 KB
Schedule for the Exercise of Rights to Purchase the Newly Issued Ordinary Shares of Banpu under BANPU-W3 (the Last Exercise)07/04/2017407.52 KB
An adjustment on the exercise price and exercise ratio of BANPU-W307/04/2017380.41 KB
Resolutions of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders for the year 201711/04/201752.69 KB
Additional acquisition in shale gas tenements17/03/2017282.39 KB
Announcement of 2017 Annual General Shareholders' Meeting13/03/201723.93 KB
Result from third exercise of warrant BANPU-W3 and increase in paid-in capital09/03/2017373.05 KB
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