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Banpu’s ‘Corporate Governance Policy’ and ‘Code of Conduct’ Handbooks were made public in 2002. However, currently in use is the 2nd-edition that was revised in 2005 and released in 2006.

Published in Thai, English and Bahasa Indonesia, the updated versions of ‘Corporate Governance Policy’ and ‘Code of Conduct’ Handbooks are well-adapted to evolving times and circumstances, as well as cover international practices. The Handbooks have been distributed to the Company’s directors, executives, and staff for use as a reference and practical guideline.

In 2008, Banpu launched its Chinese versions of the ‘Corporate Governance Policy’ and ‘Code of Conduct’ Handbooks. The corporate governance implementation principles set out in these Handbooks have been used as guidelines in the companies where Banpu is a major shareholder or possesses management authority. The principles are applied as the standard of business ethics in the countries where Banpu plans to operate in the future. In its corporate governance implementation, Banpu also takes into consideration the legal, economic and social conditions, as well as the corporate culture of its subsidiary companies.

In 2012, the Board of Directors approved of the revision of ‘Corporate Governance Policy’ and ‘Code of Conduct’ Handbooks as a mean of reference to the company’s values, and to provide guidelines in attaining consistently high standards of service to our stakeholders and society at large.  The latest revision of Corporate Governance Policy and Code of Conduct have been launched in 2014.


Corporate Governance Policy

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Code of Conduct

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