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Banpu to Continue its Series of Roadshows after Huge Supports from Japanese Financial Institutions and Funds


Mr. Sutee Sukruan, Chief Executive Officer of Banpu Power Public Company Limited and
Ms. Somruedee Chaimongkol, Chief Executive Officer, Banpu Public Company Limited
Banpu Public Company Limited (BANPU), a leading integrated energy solutions company in Asia-Pacific, in early January, held a roadshow to boost confidence among over 10 large financial institutions and investors in Japan. During the roadshow, Ms. Somruedee Chaimongkol, Chief Executive Officer, Banpu Public Company Limited and Mr. Sutee Sukruan, Chief Executive Officer of Banpu Power Public Company Limited presented Banpu’s Greener & Smarter strategy and its direction to continuously and sustainably expand the growth of Banpu Group’s businesses in 10 countries. The 3 core groups of businesses are Energy Resources (coal and gas including related operations such as marketing, trading, logistics, fuel procurement, and transmission), Energy Generation (coal-fired and renewable power plants), and Energy Technology (total solar energy solutions, energy storage system and energy technology system). The roadshow received a positive response from financial institutions and investors as they agreed to support business expansion both in Japan and other countries with trust in Banpu’s sustainability strategy and potential to create added values and to maximize shareholder return for over the long run.

Ms. Somruedee Chaimongkol, Chief Executive Officer, Banpu Public Company Limited said, “In 2019, our Energy Resources group has quality assets that provide sustained margin and generate high return on investment. Coal business continues to grow thanks to rising consumer demand and high average selling price. Meanwhile, natural gas production capacity has increased over the past year. Regarding Energy Generation group, we have decades of experience in power business in Asia-Pacific under the operation of Banpu Power Public Company Limited and strong integration from other Banpu’s businesses. In 2019, power generation capacity is projected to grow more than 300 MW, particularly from solar farms in Japan, which are well supported by the government and financial institutions, facilitating the projects to progress as planned. Apart from this, we are ready to move forward to enhance potential in Energy Technology group by maximizing innovation to create solutions for modern energy consumption under Banpu Infinergy Company Limited’s operation. This will also help accelerate Thailand’s progress toward a smart city in line with the Energy 4.0 policy.”

Currently, Banpu Infinergy has a total installed capacity of 151 MW from solar rooftop solution in Thailand and other countries. Its robust partnership with leading energy technology companies enables Banpu to deliver total energy solutions such as Energy Storage System (ESS), Energy Management System (EMS), and electric vehicles. Recently, Banpu Infinergy has designed mobile microgrid energy innovation. This is the first time ever in Thailand that solar energy system with mobile ESS are implemented for full-scale service.
Nari Aizu Solar Farm in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan –
one of the latest projects under the Greener & Smarter strategy
“Banpu has a plan to organize investor roadshows in Thailand and abroad throughout 2019 to reiterate our vision to be a leading integrated energy solutions company in Asia-Pacific driven by our commitment to exploring opportunities for Banpu Group’s continuous growth in all 3 core businesses under Greener & Smarter strategy. We aim to provide smarter and greener solutions for the changing power and energy consumption patterns to create sustainable business growth and generate sustainable added value and return for all stakeholders,” added Ms. Somruedee.
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Banpu Public Company Limited is a leading integrated energy solutions company with 3 core groups of businesses; energy resource, energy generation and energy technology in 10 countries: Thailand, Indonesia, China, Australia, Lao PDR, Mongolia, Singapore, Japan, the United States of America and Vietnam. As of 30th September 2018, Banpu’s assets totaled USD 8.492 billion, an increase of USD 269 million compared to 31st December 2017.
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