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At Banpu, we recognize that our business operations may impact on the health and safety of our employees and contractors; and the Company is committed to provide a safe workplace for all. , including visitors to our sites. In this respect, we strive to achieve our goals for 3 ZEROs:-
  • ZERO Incident :

    by preventing and correcting unsafe behavior or work conditions,
  • ZERO Repeat :

    by taking all necessary steps to prevent the recurrence of any incident,
  • ZERO Compromise :

    by adopting non-negotiable safety standards and rules throughout all operations.

In holding on to our commitment,


  • Takes Full Responsibility and Accountability

    We have full commitment from our management at all levels towards safety goals and targets which take full responsibility and ensure accountability to prevent and correct unsafe work conditions and unsafe behaviors. 
  • Complies with Laws and Regulations with High Company Standards,

    We strictly comply with all occupational health and safety legislation and contractual obligation which form the basis to high company standards.
  • Manages Safety Risks

    We perform occupational health and safety risk assessment for all operational activities. In all operations, no work must be taken without a clear understanding of safe working practices minimizing risk.
  • Creates a Culture of Safety

    We promote a culture that values and recognizes good safety behavior and practice throughout the value chain.(Kindly be informed that value chain is the technical term & was designated by the HSEC department.)

It is the company requirement that,
  • Management in all levels must be held accountable and take leadership in deploying this policy.
  • Every employee must be made aware of, promote and implement this policy.
  • Every employee is expected to extend the awareness and recognition of this policy to partners, suppliers, contractors, subcontractors, customers and the communities in which Banpu works.


Occupational Health and Safety Policy