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Banpu grants THB 1.5 Million Developing and Restoring Schools in Southern Border Provinces28/11/2017
Banpu supports five winning social enterprises from Banpu Champions for Change 7 Encouraging the public to be part of the change for society through the event 'Impact Day: Changes Start from Ourselves'10/11/2017
Banpu joins Mahidol in organizing Power Green Camp 12 with the aim of encouraging students to learn conservation biodiversity and economic-social balance01/11/2017
Banpu joins Mahidol in organizing Power Green Camp 12 with the aim of balancing economics, community and biodiversity Helping students to learn environmental science through field trips and ecotourism10/10/2017
Banpu Supports a Junior Tennis Athlete on a Training Camp in Germany to Reach His Dream 05/10/2017
Banpu Table Tennis Club organizes a volunteer spirit activity offering table tennis skill development to young athletes and capacity building to sports personnel in the northeastern region26/09/2017
Banpu Receives Award for Standard Implementation on Corporate Social Responsibility24/08/2017
Banpu's Young Table Tennis Players Join a World-Class Tournament at Hong Kong 23/08/2017
Banpu Offers Unique Career Guidance to Youth by Career Role Models07/08/2017
Banpu reveals its people development mission within and outside of the organization through the vision of its cofounder01/08/2017
Banpu Table Tennis Club Brings 2 Youth Athletes to Secure the Bronze Medal in China and Broadens Mini-Youth Athletes' Experiences through International Tournament13/07/2017
"Power Green Camp12" Calls for Applications from Environmentally Minded Science Major High Schoolers Learning How to Manage Biodiversity toward Community Development in Thailand 4.003/07/2017
3 Participants from the "Power Green Camp 11" Explores Biodiversity in Indonesia Sharing experience about rare flora and fauna conservation, laying the foundation for sustainable development30/05/2017
Banpu Table Tennis Club Stepping Into the 10th Year Developing Well-Rounded Kids through Skill-Enhancing and Moral-Supporting Activities04/05/2017
Banpu announces 11 social enterprise semi-finalists in the Banpu Champions for Change #7 Selected SEs solve problems with different and creative innovations18/04/2017
Banpu Recruits Young Social Entrepreneurs For Banpu Champions for Change 7 Supporting Thai social entrepreneurs to emphasize sustainable business ideas18/04/2017
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