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Banpu Volunteers Keeping Thailand Afloat24/12/2011
Banpu Table Tennis Club Joins Singapore's International Match 29/11/2011
Banpu imports Chinese coaches to train its table tennis players for 2 consecutive year12/10/2011
Banpu Group grants over USD 1 million to support Japan for rehabilitation of earthquake and Tsunami victims20/09/2011
Banpu Continues Its Support for Integrative Learning for the 8th Year12/09/2011
"The Power Green Camp 6" offers opportunity for Thai youth to learn more about natural disasters and how to be prepared for such crises 04/07/2011
Banpu Grants Scholarships to Geology and Mining Engineering Students for 3 Consecutive Years 06/06/2011
BANPU Champions for Change invites applications for social enterprise program from young Thai people nationwide today23/05/2011
Banpu highlights "Learning" to drive its CSR activation for the next five years under "Do by Heart" concept08/04/2011
Banpu Arranges a Lecture on Constructive Use of Internet for Students of 6 Granted Schools in 3 Northern Provinces24/02/2011
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