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Banpu Employee Volunteers help improve library and support the construction of roof-topped sports ground for Wat Bangkhantaek School24/12/2009
Banpu Arranges Sex Education Lecture for Students of 6 Granted Schools in 3 Northern Provinces14/12/2009
Banpu Table Tennis Club Players Compete in the Singapore Tournament03/12/2009
Youths from "The Power Green Camp 4" show creative ideas for "Tackling Pollution Problems, Mitigating Environmental Impacts".26/10/2009
Banpu Continues Its Education Support for Sustainable Development for Six Consecutive Years05/08/2009
"The Power Green Camp 4" Opens for Youth Nationwide Now -- Helps "Tackling Pollution Problems, Mitigating Environmental Impacts"18/05/2009
Banpu Supports Table Tennis Players for Intensive Training in China11/05/2009
Banpu Grants Aid to Northern People Affected by Cold Weather04/02/2009
Interesting New "Globe Animation 2" Environmental Science VCDs Now Available for The Public Free of Charge09/01/2009
Banpu Employee Volunteers help build a basketball court and share laughter with children of Ban Maharaj08/01/2009
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