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In 2019, there were corporate culture and corporate governance promotion activities organized by the Company’s Company Governance (CG) division as follows:
1. Organized orientation sessions on the principles of good corporate governance for new employees throughout the year
2. Internally communicated through e-mails subjected “CG: Switch It On”, aiming to communicate about corporate governance best practices and inculcate directors, excutives and staff with an awareness to comply with the Code of Conduct with the belief that anyone can be a role model in corporate governance.
3. Held a “CG Switch It On - Launch New CG Policy and Code of Conduct” event, aiming to communicate to employees new CG policy and Code of Conduct 2018 which the Company’s Board of Directors approved the revision of the essence of CG policy and Code of Conduct to be in line with The Securities and Exchange Commission’s Corporate Governance Code for Listed Companies in 2017.
4. Published articles on corporate governance trends and directions of Thailand and ASEAN countries in the column "Banpu CG" in Banpu e-Bulletin - a quarterly internal e-newsletter distributed to Banpu's subsidiaries in every country where it has business operations. It aims to create understanding and raise awareness among employees about the importance of the corporate governance. The topics presented were:
  • New CG Policy and Code of Conduct 2018
  • CG Rolls Out 3 New Formats of PR Materials for the Updated CG Policy and Code of Conduct
  • Corporate Governance Report of Thai Listed Companies 2019
5. Organized “CG Day” under the theme “CG Switch It On” - an activity to raise awareness among employees about the importance of the Code of Conduct and commitment to integrity. One of the highlight activities was “You Wonder, We Answer” which gave an opportunity to employees to ask questions about practice guidelines of the Company’s CG policy and Code of Conduct provided with the answers from all related departments in order to encourage employees to behave according to the same standard.