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In 2016, there were corporate culture and corporate governance promotion activities organized as follows :

  1. CG orientation to new staff and assessment CG knowledge through e-learning system
  2. CG “Play Your Part”  Encourage staff engagement in strengthening internal control through Whistleblower Policy and Anti-Corruption Policy
  3. CG Column in Banpu Insight – Internal Journal distributed in countries that Banpu has operations. CG Column is a channel to updated CG principles and best practices to enhance topics as follows:
    • The Board of Director and Good Corporate Governance
    • Be Part of Anti-Corruption
    • Building Ethical, Professional and Transparent Business Partnerships
    • New Corporate Governance Code
  4. “CG Day” a company event to strengthen and cultivate CG practices within organization. A theme for CG Day in 2016 was “CG Play Your Part” which aimed to communicate to staff of Anti-Corruption Policy
  5. “Banpu Anti-Corruption Commitment” a commitment from Management and staff from every Business Units to have the same standard practices within the organization.