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Banpu Spirit

The Company has sought to identify the core values and attributes that characterize Banpu’s corporate culture: those that have brought about great achievements to the Company and are likely to lead to future success. These are summarized into a set of corporate shared values known as the ‘Banpu Spirit’:


Banpu people aim for continuous improvement. They seek wisdom. They take the initiative and are proactive. They are flexible and adaptive to change. They aim to think ‘out of the box’ and to think ahead.

Banpu people confront new challenges with courage. Through these approaches, Banpu people create an environment and culture of ‘innovation’.


Banpu people behave in an ethical, honest and transparent manner. They are trustworthy, and honor commitments. They are disciplined and persistent. In other words, they have ‘integrity’.


Banpu people are open, humane, warm and friendly. They are respectful of and empathetic with one another, and extend the same consideration to stakeholders and external parties. Essentially, they ‘care’.


Banpu people strive for ‘win-win’ solutions. They seek collaboration and teamwork. They are fair.
They develop strong networks. In good spirit, they seek ‘synergy’ in all that they do.